June….Classic Boat Show Heaven!


What a weekend….What a month! All the cool shows are on the same days. Tahoe or St. Michaels this weekend…. Lake Hopatcong or Algonac next weekend…this sucks! I want to go to all four. The good news is that we will be at all of them. Texx and Paul will be at Tahoe reporting Live-ish I will be at St Michaels and Algonac also reporting. And a mystery guest reporter will be reporting from Lake Hopatcong.. If this works it will be magical. If not.. Comical…Either way, you Mr Couch Show Goer.. Can see all four. In a couple of years just mention that cool boat with the Twin Finn name on the transom and folks won’t know that you really spent the weekend mowing the lawn..Stay tuned. Texx should be sending in stories from Tahoe very soon. St Michaels will be Saturday night and Sunday. Monday will be a big recap day.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    No couch. Just varnishing. No time for shows, must fix boats. Fours years in barn too long. Any longer and it would become a barn find.
    I need reporters when I come up for air.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I just came back to the cabin from checking out Garwood's in Tahoe were we had a few "wet woodys" an adult rum slurpee. Ouch brain freeze. I saw about 12 to 15 boats already tied up in at the boat center. On Wednesday the woodies are only $4.50.


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