Katz's Marina – A Northeastern Landmark.


One of the big reasons that Lake Hopatcong is littered with killer Woody Boats is not just that the lake is lined with boat nuts..It is by the way…. But it’s because there is a fantastic support system in place.. When I was going up there for a quickie last gasp run, I had to stop by and visit.. I was not prepared for such detail and perfection.. It does not fit with my image of a old wood boat place.. It was like a new car show room.. A very high end car showroom.. The work shops look like a hospital.. You could eat off the floors, and everything had its place.. But the center of attention is the boats.. Everything in this place is and was set up to produce some of the top boats in the country.. I say was because Katz’s marina also has a great history.

Even out in the yard, These had just been laid out there to go to the owner of the boat  for his boat house

Starting with Wayne Moxfield, Then John and Kim Kadimik and now Seth Katz.. Seth though has kicked it up a notch, with a Two million dollar renovation, new docks, new interior, exterior.. He has put the Katz touch on things..

New glorious docks

Seth is extremely passionate about the place and the work that he does.. So passionate that he also puts a Guarantee on the boats he sells and works on.. He owns his inventory of boats that they sell.

This is just on section of one barn.. There are several barns.. Floor to ceiling.. UGH! close to 80 boats..

All so he can better control the high quality of his inventory. To look at the finish being applied on his boats takes a second.. We are talking pebble beach car concourse finish here.. It’s varnish.. Brush applied varnish.. I swear the varnishers must be on Varnishing enhancing drugs.. I cry foul.. Perfect finishes..

shhh, I am eating my lunch.. on the floor.. pass the fries please.. 

I am still in disbelief regarding the finish jobs.. 

It’s not just me saying this by the way.. Seth’s boats win big at all the shows, his Cobra, Finito is one the nations top boats. the place is littered with them.. So.. if you would like to do the world good, go up to New jersey and pick up some litter!

Here is a fun tour of Katz’s Marina..

Seth Katz on the left with another Woody Boater Bob “Have I got a Calendar for you” Kays

Don Ploetner yacking it up with a pal in one of the work rooms. 

Don Ploetners Gul wing Century that had just arrived from Virgina .. First time in the water in years. Turns out the stuffing box was loose.. That’ll hurt.. This great area is perfect for soaking boats and general maintenance in the water

To say this Barrel Back is perfect is a gross understatement. Its the perfect color, perfect details, orange stripes, pigskin interior.. And the finish is perfect.. Ahhhhh! it hurt to look at.. 

Need a part…parts.. NOS parts.. Ahhhhhhh

And yes, as promised.. just to add to the insanity.. The Bat Boat.. 
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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    That is one very cool boat company. Seth you are definitely at the top of my woody boater places to visit list. I love that shot of the old boats all stacked in the barn. I see a cool old 50's painted Arabian in the back there. ohhh As for the finish on the Coronado. Wowww. Neat shots thanks Matt.

  2. Frank Miklos
    Frank Miklos says:

    Not the original TV/Movie Bat boat!… I have photos with my sister brother and me taken in 1967 in the original "Bat Boat" This one does not match… More boat controversy?

  3. Steve Adelhoch
    Steve Adelhoch says:

    I just went to Katz’s this week  3/28/12 (the first time there) to order a quart of paint no one else had. They took the time to help me out right away and had it the next day! Great people, great service, great place!
    State of the art (and yes you could eat off the floors) the place to go for your antique boat parts, service , retoration and sales!

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