La Dolce Riva – The Steve’s Are Having Fun Again On…At… Lake Tahoe.

Ironically this shot only has one Steve in it. Steve2 took the photo

Steve Natale sends in another fun report from Lake Tahoe at this weekends Annual Concourse D’Elegance. Take it away Steves!

Steve at the helm, thats not Steve in the hat.

Regular Woody Boater readers will remember a few weeks back when the two Steves went to Lake Tahoe with Steve Marini’s freshly refinished 1934 Hacker-Craft and ended up having to be towed back to port due to a mechanical failure (engine blew). Later, the day was saved when we hitched a ride in a fabulous Riva Aquarama. This event had an effect on my friend Mr. Marini…..

Steves Riva

A week later I received a call from Steve informing me that he purchased a Riva Super Ariston that is in need of a restoration that will be ready for the 2018 Lake Tahoe Concours. He had been bitten by the Riva bug. In the meantime, we would just take the Ski Sanger and use that during the boat show weekend.


Original once! And what a once it is.


What a cool towel.

A week before the show, I talked to Steve and asked him how the Sanger was running “I don’t know. I haven’t even looked at that boat in over a year” he said. I said “but what about Tahoe? We are not going to go boating this year? Oh well, maybe next year” I replied. Steve said “We’re taking the Ariston.” But the Ariston is in pieces I thought…..”No not that one, the other Ariston I bought” after I recovered from this news, I did a little dance when no one was looking, in a state of bliss with the knowledge that another Riva boat ride was in my future.


Now here we are with Saphir II, the lowest hour, most untouched original Super Ariston there is. Built in 1963 and delivered new to Milano, it is powered by a 413 Chrysler feed by twin four-barrel carbs. The boat is simply stunning, and completely unrestored. Riding in the boat is like a dream. A smooth, powerful, elegant dream. La dolce Riva.

Steve Natale is all smiles

Oh, by the way. I heard there was some sort of a boat show in Tahoe today…….more on that later.

You can see more of Steves stuff on his personal photographer Site HERE. Worth a bookmark.

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  1. Andy C
    Andy C says:

    Last weekend while I was in Clayton, I picked up an original Riva boarding ladder in the flee market. These Rivas made me wonder if anybody out there needs one?

  2. Marty Feletto
    Marty Feletto says:

    Yep. No 2 cycle engines at Lake Tahoe, as well as many other restrictions.

    In terms of the boarding ladder yes there are Riva boats in need of ladders. Post a picture please.

  3. Andy C
    Andy C says:

    Here is a picture of the ladder. Let me know of it is indeed a Riva ladder. I would love to see it go to use.

  4. Arnie
    Arnie says:

    Modern two cycle engines with direct fuel injection are allowed on Tahoe such as Evinrude Etec, Mercury Optimax, and Yamaha DFI.

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