Lake Dora 2010-Heaven… Pure Heaven….


What an incredible weekend. It was great to see folks that we only talk to by email. Sorry for the late story, but.. Well… mmmm… I left my computer and stuff in the Chris Craft tent that was 1 1/2 hrs away. So i had to return for a 3 hr round trip drive to get it. thanks to Mr Barrel back Don ayers. He scooped it up and was holding it for me. I am back on the road back home for some meetings that need to happen on Monday. What a week…. I have so many fun stories for latrer this week, and a cool video of a full throttle excursion on Woody Gals Chris Craft … Ohhhhh…Texx may or may not be posting tomorrow. It’s been a very very busy weekend, with surprisingly no time to stop… Thanks for tuning in. We have broken all ready records… Woohoooo.

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