Lake Dora ACBS Show, A No Show In The Latest ACBS Rudder! Why?

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Ugh! Here we go again, just for the record, I did not start this one. In-fact I understand this one. Maybe that’s because I did some research before I shot of my key boards this time. Last time I realized that regarding the ACBS we are dealing with mostly volunteers and actual human beings that are trying to make the hobby a better place to live in. So….. With that said.

As many readers asked. “Why was the Lake Dora ACBS Show on March 25th-29th not mentioned in the latest issue of the ACBS Rudder Magazine ?” Was it just a missed deadline on the part of the Sunnyland Chapter in announcing there show…on March 25th-29th on Beautiful lake Dora in Tavaras FLA make your plans now featuring Riva Boats!!…. Shameless plug….and link.. Anyway was it there fault for missing the deadline? Most likely yes. I have an email into Terry right now, I will update ...It’s on the ACBS web site, but not in the Rudder, it’s in the latest issue of Classic Boating and the Brass Bell, and here on WoodyBoater… So? The question was asked to us, and thus we asked Chris Eden the editor of the Rudder…. You can read his complete answer on the Gene Porter comment trail. 17 comments to date, a record for WoodyBoater by the way. But the general gist of his point is this. ” Our Calendar of events is built from the many boat show chairman and committee members responsible for getting the word out for their show. Our print deadlines are published clearly, as well are the submission guidelines. This past issue page 15. It is not the role of the Rudder or its staff to babysit these committees and determine for the many shows nationwide whether or not they have their submission in by deadline.” OK, I understand that, harsh, yes, but there are over 55 chapters to promote…and do they do a story to promote them… Chris’s answer to that..” with regards to our policy of boat show stories prior to or after shows. In general it is my policy not to do stories about a show prior to its show date. With over 55 chapters, and everyone wanting as much PR as they can gain, this would be very difficult to manage.” once I again I understand. BUT!

So, this begs the question. Is the Lake Dora Show on March 25-29th more than just another ACBS show? And if it is, should it be talked about before the show. Here at WoodyBoater we take a different point of view, not that the Rudders is wrong. But WoodyBoater is about promoting events, shows, and the businesses of the hobby, I am shameless about it…And we clearly believe that the Lake Dora ACBS Show on March 25th-29th, is actually a major event in the classic boat hobby. The two others are Tahoe, and Clayton. That’s it. The others are shows. The three mentioned are more, and should be treated as such. Lake Dora is about the River Cruise, it’s about the opening of the Antique & Classic Boat season, and it’s about showing off your latest winter varnish job and eBay barn find. It’s also about seeing all your pals from across the country once a year. It’s about all the restorers and brokers, insurance, and suppliers being in one place… Last year folks came from Seattle, California, NY, Mich, and British Columbia….a very long flight by the way. My point is. It’s worthy of being different and promoting as a major event..for WoodyBoater. And way beyond a calender type show. And we should let the Rudder do what they do best. Promote Antique & Classic Boats for all there glory and history…Let the comments fly….

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Well, so far it seems like a simple case of a deadline being missed, subject to confirmation by Sunnyland, I guess. I have not received the Rudder yet, and maybe this is already in place, but a simple solution to these deadline issues would be to have a note on the boat show page that referred readers to the ACBS web site for any changes, additions or deletions to the schedule which happen after the publishing deadline.

    I don’t know anyting about publishing, but there likely has to be a drop-dead time for inclusion in the next edition of anything, and I can see their point in not being responsible for submissions by local chapters. Subjectively speaking, though, this is a major show for all the reasons Matt enumerated and perhaps deserves a bit more coverage. However, the fact remains that in the on-line age, seldom is a printed quarterly the source of time-sensitive information for anyone anymore. I agree with John – I bet it is in there next year.

    I like the Editor’s suggestion that parties interested enough to make these blog posts consider contributing to the content of the magazine. Now that’s a challenge, isn’t it? I recall reading an early edition of Classic Boating Magazine and noting a letter to the editor which was particularly critical of some recent issues. The Publisher challenged the writer to add the benefit of his obvious knowledge and experience to the magazine as a contributor, and he most gratifyingly did so on a number of occasions hence.

    Perhaps instead of being directed simply at the furnishing of criticism and complaints, the energies and ideas expended and expounded upon here and elsewhere can be marshalled for the direct benefit of the ACBS, The Rudder and the hobby in general? Many people obsviously have ideas, passion and creativity that would be accretive to the efforts and output of the small number who are involved in the creation of both the printed and web-based foot print of the classic boat hobby.

  2. oldwoodboats
    oldwoodboats says:

    Rudder is for members of ACBS. It is really doubtful that any significant number of members are unaware that the season’s first big show will take place the last weekend in March at Lake Dora. Flogging Rudder for not promoting that show in print in advance is like flogging the Washington Post for not headlining the fact that the sun will rise tomorrow. Please move on.

    Also; “That is [NOT] it”. Dora, Clayton and Tahoe are not the only big shows. The ACBS annual show has been attracting hundreds of attendees and over a hundred really great boats from all over the country. I hope Woodyboater will attend this year’s show at Lake Muskoka and report with his usual enthusiasm.

  3. jfrprops
    jfrprops says:

    It is certainly time to move on, and I don’t know whether it is ME or oldwoodboats that seems to HAVE TO have the LAST WORD.
    The Washington Post is a good example he uses though, they are known for investigating and asking questions. That is all I was doing.
    As to the Rudder being for the members to read and few are unaware of Dora etc etc (blah blah), hang on to that logic when the last geezer member croaks….in about 20 years…not 60 or 70. I thought the Rudder was for everyone and a great way to find totally new hobbist and members.
    No matter the retorts….John from Va. is now out of this topic.
    I found it fun and enlightening. Peace.

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    This may already be there (I don’t have the Rudder yet), but one way to compensate for publishing deadlines would be to simply have a note on the show schedule page in the Rudder directing people to the ACBS web site for any late additions, deletions or changes to the show schedule. I also think that few if any people in this on-line age would be reliant upon a publication which comes out quarterly for time-sensitive information on anything.

    I did find one thing particularly interesting in the Editors response – his call to those people who have the time, energy and interest to vent their spleens on this blog to think about other productive forms of contribution. I recall reading an early issue of Classic Boating where a reader had written to the Editor/Publisher with several rather stridently expressed criticisms of the magazine. The Editor challenged the reader to deploy his obviously considerable knowledge and skill on the relevant topics as a contributor to Classic Boating. To the best of my knowledge, this individual subseqeuently contributed a number of articles and other content to the magazine in the years hence, so a negative situation evolved into a positive for all involved.

    It would be nice if some of the experienced hobbyists who comment on this blog and on other forums could take the time to contribute something, somewhere, if they don’t already do so. Clearly, the body of opinion, experience and interest in evidence in the comments in this blog could be harnessed in a manner accretive to the efforts of the likely small and un-paid number of people who work to produce the print-based and on-line content that we seem willing to critique.

    I was at the Dora/Tavares show last year and the ACBS International in Idaho, and I had a wonderful time at both. I have to agree with the comment that the International is certainly one of the premier events of the schedule. And yes, I will be at Dora/Tavares this year and will certainly be at Muskoka. Might even make Tahoe.

    On to the next topic……


  5. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    Thanks to oldwoodbaots for making me out to the fool. Dang. He ..or she is 100% correct. Those other two shows are events. How did I forget about the big international ACBS show. The crown jewl of all shows. It’s a major event. So there we are even. I forgot that one… As to the rudders editor response of time spent on web sites. I know many of these players and they are huge volunteers to the community. Just because someone does not haul out a boat for a show does not mean they are not doing there part…This is a great place to speak your emotions without the political stuff that will no doubt haunt you later. And hopefully we will open up some conversations that need to be made. I personally hate the conflict, but as woodyboater know that it’s sometimes healthy to talk about taboo subjects. I just need to do a better job of keeping thing on a mature level… So for that thanks to all of you to have the courage to comment.I hope to see you all in person at lake Dora…march 25-29…HA one more plug!

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