Lake Dora Update – Reporter Is On The Scene!

File photo of Paul Harrison at Lake Dora

Long time fellow Woody Boater Paul Harrison AKA “Hurricane Paul” has arrived on the scene in Tavares Fla to check things out. Paul made the drive from Racine over the past couple days. Shockingly Paul did not break down on the way down, but it did take him 9 hrs to make a 5 hr drive. We are continuing reporting from Tavares and Mt Dora because this area is part of the heart of classic boating and reporting is focused on the Keys and other areas of total devastation. The good news is that it looks like Tavres did far better than other areas, but as Paul says, this is no place that you want to be right now.

Lost boat in Pauls back yard.

Paul arrived later in the evening and will be gathering photos today. Paul reports that many are without Power and thus internet is not available where he is. He did report seeing a GarWood that had sunk, but it was dark, so once we know more about that, we will of course update.

You may recall Paul’s famous report from Montana over a past winter being stuck in 10 foot snow drifts.

According to the Tavares Police Facebook page they report that most of the boats lost at the docks had 4 cycle engines and so only gas was spilled witch will evaporate. They say that it should be cleaned up in around 3 weeks. No mention if that means the docks will be functioning. All though, they are metal docks and from the look of things in other areas on the lake, it looks like many docks broke loose.

No word yet! Ugh!

As of right now, NO report on The Palm Gardens restaurant, but we are also checking to see. Stay Tuned for reports as they come in. And a huge thanks to hurricane Paul for making the trip and reporting in.

Here is one report from Channel 9 on the docks. That’s not Paul reporting BTW. Our reporters hold beers, not microphones.


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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I tried to find the video on their website. Didn’t see it, but found the story about a 9 foot python in Eustice. There goes any chance of my wife joining me at the show this spring…or any time in the future!

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      I see nothing on my phone. Is it a Farcebook video where you need to be logged in and sharing your internet usage with them before you can see it?

  2. Alan A
    Alan A says:

    My Folks live on a canal off Lake Dora in Tavares, electric company says no power until Sunday. They haven’t returned home yet but their house is fine. Dad says the Wooten Park damage was a tornado but I can’t verify that.

  3. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Looks like there will be a lotta banged up pontoon boats for sale or scrap. Look forward to Paul’s report tomorrow.

  4. JimF
    JimF says:

    Just saw a new posting from Palm Garden on Facebook. No mention of damage! Just what is on special on the menu today. Looks normal and undamaged.

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      We saw the same thing several hours ago and we have a “reporter” going to the scene to report on the Crab puffs and beer!

  5. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    So, the video shows up and plays on my work PC, but not my phone. After watching it, I have to ask, how come all the locals always mispronounce Tuh vahr ez? 😀

  6. BK
    BK says:

    Those Canadians are tough-fueled by beer and possessing an intrepid attitude-my hats off to Mr. Harrison aka “Hurricane Paul”

  7. Dave Doner
    Dave Doner says:

    Paul mentioned a Gar Wood had sunk on Lake Dora. Initially I was concerned it was mine but am happy to report my 1947 Ensign is still on its’ lift and has been so since I left FL for MN in April. The storm tore my mooring cover off and as a result the boat took on rain and wave-action water. Hope to get it pumped out tomorrow.

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