Lake Gaston: The Perfect Day! The Perfect Show!


Ya, that pretty much captures my day. I was not in reporter mode. I was in fat slob I'll just sleep, go ahead and climb all over the boat I don't care mode.

Ya know those rare times where you find your self in the exact place at the exact time that you want to be. Were you just sit there and say to yourself. There is no other place on this globe that I want to be right now. That’s what yesterday on Lake Gaston was all about. Over the past couple years the Raleigh Chapter of the ACBS has been struggling with a weak show location. They all gathered and voted to try something new. Lake Gaston. A bit more of a haul for the gang, but from yesterdays event. A brilliant move. The location is perfect, and made it possible for new folks to show up. One big group was the Smith Mountain Gang! In full force, they brought some of the finest boats on Smith Mountain lake.

The Smith mountain Gang.. Wanted now in more states!

It was great to see all the folks there and just hang out and laugh. What a great welcoming group. Southern Hospitality was in full force. A must go to for us here at Woody Boater from now on.

We had a fantastic location right on the edge of the Lake. Thayer IV was there in full in need of a restoration mode. Thanks to the folks at morningstar marina

Dick Kish's killer tripple Gar Wood with Modern Power. Dear god that's a nice boat! and two of the best shows boats on the right. Mike Russell's very nice original Arabian that won most original. And Weldwood, Phil Jones resto masterpeice. It won Best inboard and peoples choice.

Mike and Cathy Caleo's 1963 original to the lake Chris Craft Ski jet was a very cool ride.Scary turns and stops. What a hoot and soon to be a feature boat here on Woody Boater

The setting was perfect. A very very nice collection of boats

The jaw Dropper awrd went to this little all original Pen Yann. Joe & Sally Ludgate's little boat is a trasure and lit up the water way. I could not take my eys of it. Magnificent. It was the winner of the

More pen yann. Remember this is all original. The colors are PERFECT!

Phil Jones in his happy place... 45knots on a 1940 Cris Craft Tripple barrel back. GOD that was one cool boat. It had mufflers. We could talk at high speed. but no one wanted to.. Pure heaven!

Triple the fun. We will do a feature on "Semetry" the 1940 Tripple at a later date.

OK, to be honest... Best of show. really went to Linda and Dick Kish. I know they don't like the publicity.. And we wont talk about Dick falling into the drink.. Not a peep.. Or there amazing home and boat house.. Not a peep.. But.. Lindas Strawberry Pie.. Dear god.. I went to sleep feeling like a tick that hit an artery on a cow. The dinner at there home was mind blowing. There hospitality. beyond words. So. The Woody Boater best of show goes to them. Thanks.

Here is a list of the official winners.

Best Inboard-Phillp Jones -Betty Boop
Best Outboard Joe & Sally Ludgate -Penn Yan
Best Row & Sail Lonnie Sieck-Adirondack Guide Boat
Best Classic Glass – John & Sharon Rieth Kelso Century Coronado
Best Restoration – John & Nancy Baringer – Fool’s Gold CC Runabout
ACBS Most Original-Mike Russell-Miss Anne Century Arabian
Broken Cable Award Rita & Harry Warren Cool CC Continental
President’s Award RK & Cindy Booth Resurrection CC Custom
People’s Choice-Phillp Jones-Betty Boop US Plywood

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    A ski-jet? MUST HAVE MORE PICS AND PHOTOS! They were made in 62 but I guess a number of them were registered as 63’s because they did not sell until the following year. That one has a more modern jet unit on it. Something I am hoping to avoid but perfectly understandable. I have 3 original Buehler pumps that I assembled into one good one. They are not easy to find!

    • mike caleo
      mike caleo says:

      when you first see the steering nozzle you think modern stuff. the only part of this drive that is not buehler is the steering nozzle and reverse bucket,everything else is original from the front of the engine thru the back of the boat .if there is anything you would like to know please feel to email or call 757 5870466 mike

  2. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    Nice collection of boats. Thanks for the pics. I guess the world did not end but slowed enough to stop and smell and see the varnish.

  3. Roger Smith
    Roger Smith says:

    Yikes! Once again I missed a great show, being at our church for the (final) yard sale. Thanks Matt for great cverage, and thanks to the Raliegh Chapter for being such great hosts. We promise — we’ll be there next year.

  4. John
    John says:

    When you mentioned perfect places, it was just now, having dinner, with a summer breeze and the St. Clair River sparkling.

  5. DonD
    DonD says:

    Matt, seriously, you are hiding behind that tree?

    Can you not tell that boat needs two axles under it, varnish continuing to flake at the seams, and all?

    Lifestyle…, really…, did you invent that (as it applies to wooden boat owners)…, really ?

  6. Cindy & Lars Okeson
    Cindy & Lars Okeson says:

    Sorry We missed the Raleigh show but so glad our SML gang made it. Matt great pictures and coverage, thanks for sharing.

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