Lake Mohawk New Jersey – Saturday 11-4 It’s The Cool Thing To Do!


Motor on over.. Its 75 here.. really… temp subject to change upon arrival.

Looks like another scorcher this weekend, here in DC its supposed to hit 106. So, you can sit in your AC and watch TV and watch old movies and B Ball, maybe a food network show on BBQ. Basically, watching other people living life. OR, you can get in your air conditioned car and drive to Lake Mohawk NJ, just 15 minutes from Lake Hopatcong, which is just about an hr west from NYC. Located in a stunning part of New Jersey. And instead of sitting there watching old movies, that you have already seen by the way…. you can see the real thing. That’s right, the On Golden Pond Boats will be there.

Mariah the US mail Boat and Thayer IV will be there. The actual picture boats from the film On Golden Pond! Here seen in Florida in March, the only other time they have been shown together.

And the killer Coronado Barn find that caused all the comments this week. Watch it float. Hell, that’s better than reruns of Overhaul’n. We’ll be there in Jimmy’s stunning Riviera Yannon. With a fresh coat of a Katz’s Marina varnish job.

Yannon, a stunning Riviera, here pictured on the Great Wicomico in Va. This is the second show she has ever been to. The triple carbs make this boat scream!

This is a fun small gathering on a private lake that is like a post card in the center of Jersey. There are  nice places to eat and a small fun intimate crowd. So talking to owners and a chance for a ride is very good. Something you can’t get in the big shows. This show usually… wait, its only the second one, last year some amazing boats showed up, this crowd knows how to wow. So get out of your oven and come to the Lake Mohawk on Saturday!

Vintage post card of Lake Mohawk. It could have been taken yesterday!


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  1. matt
    matt says:

    That darn Smith Skiff rocks on camera, like a super model. We dont have a bad shot of her.. Very photogenic!

      DENNIS MYKOLS says:

      Darn it, Matt, your killing me, with todays header. You see I am currently on the hunt for a cruiser just like this one, to do river cruises and long weekend events. ( No OLD SCHOOL is not for sale). I have been studing Lapstrakes for the past couple of months, and been surfin on the net. I turn on the computer, and BAM there she is on my favorite website’s header… What a beauty!

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