Late Live-ish From Spring Valley Lake California

Spring VAlley LAke 16

Little lake, little boat, big smiles

Fellow Woody Boater Maggi Cassell reports in from the West Coast reminding us all that the So Cal gang sure knows how to get the most out of Califorina’s counter clock wise lake life! Woohooo!

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 11.00.38 AM

In New Zealand they go clockwise? Map from the Spring Valley Lake Assosiation

The ACBS Southern California chapter is holding our first event of the year, with an informal gathering at Spring Valley Lake in Victorville, CA, north of Los Angeles.  It’s a private lake, and the home owner’s association and yacht club are very kindly hosting our wooden and classic glass boats this weekend.

spring valley lake 10

Are we ready? Are we ready? Are we ready?

spring valley lake 12

Lets go!

spring valley lake 13

Toss me a line. OK, hey, you come here often?

This reporter forgot to count, but let’s say we had at least ten boats and thirty club members in attendance.  The weather was cool and blustery, with occasional sun, but as long as you’re messing around in classic boats, what’s a little shivering between friends?

Spring Vally Lake -1

Nice barrel back running the lake

spring Vally Lake 2


spring vally lake 3

Those rear seats can be a bit wet at times

Spring Vally Lake 5

It’s not always sunny in California

Spring vally lake 11

Floor it!

Spring VAlly LAke 14

Lake life in the California Desert

Spring Valley Lake is a 200 acre man-made water ski lake, surrounded by homes.  We collected a few onlookers during our parades around the lake on Saturday afternoon.

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  1. Tim Robinson
    Tim Robinson says:

    The Dogs name is Chloe. Her full name is Chloe the wonder Dog. You know Dog spelled backwards is God. And we treat her like one, she is very spoiled.

  2. Maggi Cassell
    Maggi Cassell says:

    We put together a little slide show of our club folks enjoying the brisk weather — including a couple more shots of Chloe the Wonder Dog (who is indeed the sweetest little dock dog).

  3. Dick Hansen
    Dick Hansen says:

    I know Maggie took a lot of pix of this wonderful event, would love to see more, particularly Dave & Johns spectacular ’28/28′ Hacker Craft triple – “Reina” that made her on water debut. Excellent job Maggie!

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