Late Livie-ish Report From Algonac! More On It Later!

Algonac Trasure Hunt

One of two Ray Hunt designed Sportsman were at the Picnic. These boats are AMAZING and rare!! More on it later

Friday was the day for sure here in Algonac! With a record turn out and over 40 boats all headed to the picnic and then other obligatins here, the day was so jammed packed that we sadly were not able to update though out the day. Rain is expected today, and for once the weather man/person is right. We just woke to a steady rain. Hopefully it will run out of steam for the show. And a nice clean marina will be the result.  But your here to see whats been happening.

Algonac cast sign

Algonac cast sign

Algonac Mold bear claw

We also found an original mahogany master bear claw used to build the mold. Right here, still cranking. More on that later.

algonac cast products

The day started with a once in a lifetime chance to tour the original Algonac Foundry where all of the Chris Craft and gar Wood parts were made. Shockingly the parts are still there. The foundry is under new ownership and they are currently trying to find out what they have. Its a time capsule, and we can report. AMAZING! To give you an idea. Terry Fiest found a small vent needed for many of our Cobras, and other boats right on the shelf. Right there in front of us.

Algonac cast part

Terrys part. more on that later

The days highlight was making the picnic run and meeting many fellow Woody boaters and their boats. This crowd is fun and likes to do what the boat gods intended us all to do. Run them.

Algonac Shoot boat

Wayne Everso out having some real Michigan Fun

Algonac Dave Bortner

Dave and the news talking.

algonac Island

Our Island home for two hours. Perfection in the middle of the bay!

Algonac Suzy

Summer in Michigan! Life does not get any better

algonac BBQ Barge

The BBQ Barge!

Algonac YNOT

The YNOT Yacht guys are here bringing there fun!

algonac Mollie o-1

Algonac Molly 0 Stick

There is a great story behind this stick. More on that later

A ride back With fellow Woody Boater Art and Janie Armstrong and their amazing 1939 24 Utility. This boat is what its all about here. His grandfather ordered it as part of a special deal for Chris Craft employees. It has a rare stick steer aft, live bait well, even a vintage toilet. And has never left the area. WOW.

Algonac Uncas leaving

Uncas headed home. No really HOME!

algonac Uncus Shoot

Uncas being filmed for a huge News show. More on that later.

Algonac Uncus-1

Uncas being photgraphed by us. More on that later.

Dave Bortner from Freedom Boat Service made the trek from Minnisota to bring home Kermit Sutton’s amazing 1930 28’ Chris-Craft Model 118 Limousine. This thing is amazing. Absolutely stunning, and rare. Carla from Hagerty Marine Insurance rode along in style and of course we tried to capture some of it all.

Algonac Pete

Pete on the phone with the big guy above. Can ya not rain today? Hello? Hello?

Algonac Pooch

Everyone along the way was ready to go in the water

Algonac Shiela

Sheela brought her special shade shades.

The days here in Michigan end around 10:30 when the light decides its time to go to bed, so we are happy to report that even if todays a wash, we had a full weekend of amazement. As Terry Fiest said. I am blown away, I love this place and I have seen so many new things here. Amazing. We could not have said it better Terry.

Algonac Terry

Terry? Terry? Wake up Terry.. Terry?

Stay tuned for more …later..

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  1. Grant Stanfield
    Grant Stanfield says:

    Amazing Algonac…so jealous you’re all there and I’m @ home living vicariously!

    Rain or shine, the Bluewater Region is a place I could call home easily…LOVE it there…and that WATER!

    Maybe next year… have good fun for the rest of us WoodyBoaters!

  2. Mike K
    Mike K says: under construction since 2008!!!
    maybe you should put a century as your home page or bacon!

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      LOL, that site is just a front end for the non-public part I actually use.

      Speaking of bacon, I visited the Menonite butcher this morning and ordered 25 lbs of bacon for Friday, plus on Alex’s advice I ordered two pork bellies and will try to cure and smoke my own bacon. If it works out maybe I can update the web page and start selling my own home made official Woodyboater ™ bacon.

  3. Carla
    Carla says:

    A great time was had by all! Thanks Dave and Michelle for inviting me on “Uncas”! What a dream boat…
    Big thanks to Larry Mayea for giving me a tour of his incredible facility, the new Island Grill AND “Abbracchi”! Beautiful boat!!

  4. FLASH
    FLASH says:

    Yesterday was amazing. What an incredible site for the picnic lunch. Amazing boats, from Uncas to the awesome big water Sportsman’s and incredible cruisers, the quality of boats was there for sure. Unfortunately, the driving rain, 57° weather, 15 mph winds, and two children under the age of 8 was a recipe for disaster. I had to cut my losses and pack up and head for home. I drove through 250 miles of rain and the radar looks like you guys might need an ark.

    It was great to meet everyone and I can’t wait for next year!!

  5. Hub Cooper
    Hub Cooper says:

    I believe there is a mistake on the ownership of UNCAS, last year at Hessel the owner was listed as Kermit Sutton, not Dave Bortner. The restoration was done at Northwood Boatworks.

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Hub Cooper – Yes, you are correct. “UNCAS” is currently owned by Kermit Sutton. It was being represented in Algonac by Dave Bortner at Freedom Boat Service at Kermits request.

      “UNCAS” won Best Wood Runabout and Best of Show at Algonac last weekend. – Texx

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