Lets Go Woody Arrowhead Boating!


Heading out on the shoot. GarWood Miss Janoula Owned by Arnie & Jan Johansen

Stand on the dock long enough around here and its go time. Thanks to some great fellow Woody Boaters we were able to get out on the water before the crowds shoed up.. What a cool event.. Stay tuned for Woody Cars …

Texx explaining what to do to capture the light.. his instuctions.." Just have fun and drive like you stole it'

Arnie enjoying his 1936 Garwwod the way Gar intended it to be! Go Arnie Go!

1948 Hackercraft 22 ft Triple - Owned by Chuck Swimmer - from Lake Arrowhead! Love the hat!

Nauti-Anne Homebuild 24 ft - Jim Kirkpatrick this was one of our photo boats.. Very very fast..

Russ & Geraldine knox - 1956 Mercury Sabre - Geraldine said OK to buy.. BUT it's your Christmas, Fathers Day, Birthday and Annaversay present all in one.. Gentlemen, sounds like a new stragay to me! Try it out at home..

One of our faves at the show - Mellow Yellow, Owned by Mike LeCompte Carona Ca! 1958 Thompson 17 Sealancer!

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    So the crowds were all barefoot in the morning? Those Californians sure are a weird bunch.

  2. Cobourg-kid
    Cobourg-kid says:

    Good to see the interest in “strakes” my first boat was a 64 mason (and I miss it)

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