Live From Algonac Michigan!


Amazing, simply amazing cruisers will be here.

Well, yesterdays through the windshield day sure broke the bank. What the heck was that about. I suppose we are all not alone with our need to take the same picture over and over again. I couldn’t check my email while driving, but each time I would stop, I would be shocked at the wonderful comments. Today we are finally here in Algonac ready to have some fun! First off a trip to one of the original Chris Craft foundries where hardware was made, then off to an amazing picnic with a record 40 boats and over 100 folks. This years show turn out is the best in over a decade. The location could not be any more perfect as is the company.


Roughing it. The boatress was impressed. Phew!

Our Algonac HQ is a 2015 47 ft Sea ray courtesy of fellow Woody boater of the year Pete Beauregard and his wonderful bride who own the Marina where the plant used to be.

algonac tower

Old photo algonac

Old photo from a local restaurant that used to be the local factory bar. note the tower, and our location. The large building on the right is still here. This weekend the spirit of Christopher Smith and gar Wood are alive and well in Algonac

It’s amazing. We got here around 1 yesterday and were met by Terry Fiest and had a very relaxing afternoon just catching up on stuff. that’s what its all about here. Low key fun with pals on the water.


A stunning Futura is already here as well. Black Beauty is expected to be here.



So right now we are getting ready to head out with the camera. Stay tuned later for updates through out the weekend. And of course this will be milked through out the week.

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    CHRIS WADE says:

    There should be a Futura in some “Hall of Fame of Design”. Absolutely the best of anything that floats, fly’s or otherwise moves under it’s own power. Best of the Best! Can’t see enough photos of Futura’s!

  2. Flash
    Flash says:

    We got in around 9:30 last night. I ended up with not 1, but 2 munchkins for my crew. This should be interesting.

  3. Tuobanur
    Tuobanur says:

    Look forward to making that trip soon, also looking forward to WB’s coverage of the event. Will be making my official launch tomorrow here in SC, will be the first time this old boat has been in the water for over 25 years.

  4. Ron Yatch
    Ron Yatch says:

    Capris, Fiberglass outboards, and Tripples are cool, but the Great Lakes are Big Water.
    Let’s see some of those Classic Cruisers that come to Algonac this time…..I love this show….

  5. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    The house and the boat in the header exhibit a curious design commonality… “Close enough!” as we often hear… 😉

    I wish I was at the show. We’ll get there when I retire, but in the meantime we have the CC Rendezvous coming up in a couple weeks, so it’t not all bad!

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