Live From Antique Boat Center University..


This is the official shot they sent.. All the students look interested in what Joel has to say..

Live from Cincinnati Ohio..  to this weekends class on everything cool about your classic boat and how to do it yourself.  These classes at the Antique Boat Center are a gold mine of information for any level Do it yourselfer. For me, it was just to have adult supervision when I tried the basics. Which scare the crap out of me… or used to.. After watching Dick Warner screw up his stripes, I felt better.. Thanks Dick.. This weekends class is no different.. Fun folks with fun folks having.. guess what? a fun time with classic boats.. Now, I just heard that Lou had left, so I guess he got tired on that pole… Read way below on this page to see reference.. So.. here are some snap shots live from the event… AND… OH GOODY GOODY, they gave us no copy.. so .. WE GET TO MAKE THEM UP! Wooohoooo!

COED's and a baggy with something.. mmm how quickly it all turns into a party.. You did not pay all that money so you could party.. Get sanding!

Joel talking... Frank looking on, and DEAR GOD.. Whats going on on the right.. Thats a look like.." hey, I'm in the witness protection program, ahh wait, it's Ok , it's not like your going to send these off to a publication who will have my image plastered all over the internet.. Ha ha" right?

Ok, this one looks like Joel.. Talking on the right... made a noise heard on the far left.. and well.. someone smelled it on the left..? just say'n.. I write them as I see them..

As much as I tried, I cant make anything up with this one.. They just look like everyone's having a great time, having fun and learning about working on there boats.. Look for the next class soon..

There is always something fun going on at The Antique Boat Center, not to mention that when you are there, you get to drool over 60 boats in there showroom.. You can even leave with one! Dang!   Here is the next two events,

January 21st –
Thomas Holmes, President – Century Boat Club, Inc. Thomas is a Century guy thru and thru. He was born and raised in Manistee, MI (home of Century Boat Co.) Thomas’ father was a key employee at Century and Thomas worked at the factory as a young man. His presentation will be about “What makes a Century a Century!”

February 18th –
Charles Mistele has owned the original 1930 Garwood “Miss America IX” for 42 years and will speak of life with a living legend.

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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Tommy Holmes would be worth a trip to the Antique Boat Center in January to hear him talk about Century boats. He is a most interesting speaker and a good entertainer with plenty of great humor. So a Chris-Craft or Lyman guy can enjoy it as much as the hard core Century folks do. He’s a joy to be around.

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    So a bunch of like minded consenting adults getting together and stripping………………..and sanding, varnishing and screwing? Kinky.

  3. jeff
    jeff says:

    I had plans on going this sat but i called A.B.C. they said there was a fee for the class. I was only going this weekend. The woman said the fee was for 1 class or all 5 classes same price. the price was a little high, had to change plans

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