Live From Lake Chelan -Texx Makes The Trex!


Hitching a ride with Tom and Janet Cathcart aboard the 1953 Shepard “Huckledybuck”.

Last night at 4pm, Texx had a wild hair and hopped on his trusty ride and made the 10 hour run to Lake Chelan to report on the fun. No run to the mall, thats for sure. But sometimes in Woodyboaterville, that last second run is what its all about. The fun of spontaneous boat love is what makes it all fun sometimes. We also got in the header above and proof that the sons of varnish are alive and well out west!

The header shot in the distance is Greg Price with his 1956 21 ft Capri, Kirk and Faith McEwan in the 1955 Grevette “Jezabelle” and Ike Keilgass with Dan and Carol Albanese in his late 40’s 20ft Custom. Not pictured is “Sinbad” owned by Dick Dow, Craig Magnuson with his sister Carol in his Master Craft (how did that get in here?) and Scott and his wife in “Sh Boom”

Great weather and a wonderful lunch at The Bakery.

Stay tuned for some fun updates live from Texx’s trex!

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Another phenomenal header. WoodyBoater is going to be known as much for its photography as it is for its content. Though there is a bit of nostalgic longing for the old “As delivered toilet seat” days. Good for Texx that he can take off at a moments notice and participate in these events. It took me 8 months of planning just to get to Algonac.

  2. Gary
    Gary says:

    Wonderful photo header. Your photography is one of the main attractions.
    Now, 10 hours to get to lake Chelan from the East coast? Even from Seattle it takes almost that. How about some clues on transportation???

  3. Randy
    Randy says:

    Again I envy you Texx for your adventuresom exploits!!!

    Hope to see your report/pics of the vintage hydros out on the course. Other committments are keeping me home this year, but next year I shall return — have to, as the Atlas ‘Blue Blaster’ will be running there.

  4. Jon Courtright
    Jon Courtright says:

    We (Mahogany and Merlot on Lake Chelan) can’t thank you enough Texx for making the trip and including this event. Maybe you brought the great weather with you?!

  5. Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy
    Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy says:

    Im in Guelph Ontario this weekend . Its Canadian Thanksgiving and my Princess Alison is the only kid in her dorm, seeing she is an international student! Anyways Hope all my Canadian boat buds have a great Thanksgiving!

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