Live From St Michaels Antique & Classic Boat Show


Sorry for the delay in posting. The show is fantastic. Every time I would go to do a posting something new would happen. This show is jam packed with fun things to do and see.The crowd size was a tad down from apearences from the previous years, but that could have been just a perception thing. This show has many very high quality boats in it and is of the size that you can actually have a nice conversation with your friends. Get on a strangers boat for a boat ride. Along with all that, it was Woody Boaters first try at judging. Boy being on that side of the coin is a trip. And will make a separate posting on that alone. Dear God! I have new found respect for judges. Despite gas being at apocalyptic prices, and the world coming to an end. There were a ton of boats out on the water and in the show. Big boats. Big gas sucking at $1000 an hr Hummer type boats. St Michaels is a very nice little town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The Vice Presidents helicopter was flying over at one point. He was apparently in town. That sort of thing. If you have seen the movie, wedding crashers, the senators estate is in this area… We will update more tomorrow.