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Baby Bootlegger

Reporter Dane Anderson… reports in from Gull Lake with some amazing photos and actual story. A huge effort knowing how busy a day it was and worked late into the morning to get us the report. I am on the west coast so its 2AM as I am writing this. Crazy times here in Woodyboaterville!

Mark Mason heads out

The Gull Lake Classic kicked off on Friday this year. Participants were invited to meet up at Bar Harbor for lunch and then a cruise around Gull Lake on Friday afternoon. John Allen and his crew were busy putting the final touches on the docks and preparing for the Friday night Captains reception at Fort Mahogany while several of us headed out to enjoy Gull Lake.

Dave Bortner led the cruise in Bette Noir a 1953 Chris Craft 26′ Express Cruiser.

There is always someone on a phone!

Andreas J Rhude Thompson 1955 14′ Thomboy

Ricky and Christy Hammer 1954 17′ Chris Craft Kit Boat

Taking photos

Headed out

Ready to rumble – Steve Shoop  1959 Biesmeyer

Steve Van’t Hul  1966 Chrysler 151 Charger IO

Color was everywhere

Susan Tenney Century Coronado Cardel Tickeled Pink

Race Boats are the featured marque for Saturday’s main event and it is shaping up to be an outstanding display of rare boats and engines. Dr Ken Muscatel brought Miss Detroit III with her 12 cylinder Curtiss and also Allison powered My Sweetie U-17. Mark Mason was giving rides in Curtiss WILGOLD III.  It’s always fun to be around the Bar Harbor docks on the day before the show to catch some of boats being launched and driven to the docks. TORONTO MTP 6 is a 1951 33′ JJ Taylor owned by Scott Martin.

Race boats galore

My Sweetie

My Sweetie – the boat, not the angry guy wondering why Dane is photographing him.

DNG! Dang!

Engine lust – Miss Detroit III

Miss Detroit III

Miss Detroit III

Mark Mason

Headed in

Mark Mason and WILGOLD III


That is some huge vent action

Waves were on the boats not the lake

Miles of smiles

The Captain’s reception was held at John Allen’s fabulous Fort Mahogany. The building features John’s very impressive car and boat collection and there is something special to see at every turn. John’s family and the crew from Bar Harbor pulled out all the stops to make tonight a memorable event. I can’t wait to see the docks all filled up on Saturday.


Jaw meet floor

Okay I havn’t seen that before! Stay tuned for more!

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    The engine in Miss Detroit III would be worth the price of admission all by itself. The rest is just gravy.

  2. 7FTCWBY
    7FTCWBY says:

    Such a great show and crew. MN boating at its finest. Very proud to have been award winner at this show a few years back.

  3. Jack Weibel
    Jack Weibel says:

    I saw My Sweetie at the Niagara Frontier ACBS Show in Buffalo, NY several times many years ago. The Niagara Frontier Show is coming up Sept. 8, at the Buffalo Launch Club on Grand Island. The BLC is the oldest power boat club in North America, founded in 1903. Hopefully we’ll see many Woodie Boater fans there!

  4. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Could be wrong but I seem to remember back in the late ’40’s or early ’50s when they had gold cup races on the upper part of Biscayne Bay, up near the inside of the Haulover bridge, My Sweetie was one of the competitors…I guess as a teenager, I should have paid more attention.

  5. Jim V
    Jim V says:

    Real nice to see MTP 6. (Metro Toronto Police marine unit)
    Boating in a Shepherd being pulled over by their Shepherd for no reason, other than talking Shepherds was cool.

  6. Terri
    Terri says:

    Wow!!! A beautiful show of incredibly beautiful boats! The “Christy Craft” is my favorite! Although I’m a little biased, she is named after her owner my beautiful daughter-in-law. Together her and Ricky did amazing work to bring her back to her glory. What a fun way for all to see the work and glamour of these wonderful boats!

  7. Briant
    Briant says:

    MTP 6…..

    Stunning, beautiful boat.

    Absolutely horrific lettering though. Was there a sale at the local craft store?

  8. Anders Værnéus
    Anders Værnéus says:


    Sitting in from of the fire in the stove, away in Sweden and really woundering – Why am I here? And not there? Next year it’s a must to pop over. Time, set and match!

  9. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    That has got to be the gosh dang coolest Dodge Power Wagons on the planet. And it’s a WOODY! WOW! Fits right in with all those fantastic wooden boats.

  10. Bill Anderson
    Bill Anderson says:

    I have been in a lot of car collections but this is special,,it has the high end boats but a wide selection of cars from a stutz bear cat to 67 chevelle to 58 impala conv to woody wagons,,not to say a thing about the building itself,its a must see if you ever have the chance,over all well organized and just nice people,,after I was here for international a couple years ago,,I really look forward to another international there,,thanks to all,,,Bill

  11. Wolfgang
    Wolfgang says:

    Not the first My Sweetie. There were three built. The first one had it’s nose cut off and mounted on a plaque. It’s in Detroit at a marina. here is a photo of it. It’s great to see this one restored and being shown. They were built here in Kawkawlin, Michigan.

  12. Dane
    Dane says:

    U-17 is MY SWEETIE-JOHN FRANCIS. While it is referred to as the third in the series it would actually be the fourth due to the deliberate confusion with the first two.

    In 1954 Dodge raced the remaining 3 boats together in the same race at the Detroit Silver Cup race, MY SWEETIE, DORA MY SWEETIE, and JOHN FRANCIS MY SWEETIE.

    Here is a nice article on MY SWEETIE JOHN FRANCIS

    And another link to the history of the MY SWEETIE boats

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