Live-ish From 7th Annual Whitefish Woody Weekend – Montana


Here we go….the sunglasses were not necessary this year.

Thanks to looooooong time fellow Woody Boater Mike mayor for sending us in this report from Montana. yes, Montana. the land of, well, Yellowstone. And people from Montana. And now the Whitefish Woody Event.  Take it away MikeM and Dina Wood. Wait, is her name really Wood? Really? WoodBoater And Whitefish Woody And Dina Wood?

A row of 22 foot Chris Crafts

The 7th Whitefish Woody Weekend took place in Whitefish Montana on the last weekend in June.  It was a very WET woody weekend.  High winds and lots of rain came through Friday evening to moisten things up for the main event on Saturday.  This hearty group of boaters didn’t bat an eye at the weather.  They just put on their rain coats, pulled out their umbrellas and made it happen.

Shady Lady..our fearless leaders’ boat (Tim and Deb Salt)

 As it turns out, with the right people a boat show can still be a  lot  of fun regardless of the weather.  The unofficial report I heard said that we had over 700 people walking the docks to see our beautiful boats.  Not bad considering it was very clear that it would be a wet day.  But the boat owners still hung out, gave rides and mingled with the public.  Another very well run boat show.

A very rare 1936 19’ Chris Craft Special Raceboat

When in Montana drink Montana beer

On Sunday the clouds broke and we had a fun Poker Run followed by an excellent BBQ lunch where awards were given out.  This is not a judged event so the mood is always light and the folks always ready for fun.

A 35’ “modern” Hacker gentleman runabout. Beautiful lines…

1947 22’ Sportsman…actually shipped from CC with the name “MIKE” not the back…what are the chances??

This hobby needs more kids? Or does it??

It’s all fun and games until someone gets splashed in the face!! Damn kids…..

Hey, this guy looks sort of young. And he’s got a supper cool Skiff….

These little Gentleman’s racers are always cool

The locals refer to Whitefish as “Canada’s Tijuana”. They love to come down to drink and play golf…and drink.

Tim Robinson all the way from SoCal just to see some rain.

And take some kids for a boat ride. Way to go Tim!

Bob Robertson guiding Tim out of the slip…a little more to the right. My right, not your right…ok, now back again….

Maybe the hobby needs more dogs and less young people?

More lies being told on the docks…typical boat show stuff

and whats a boat show without awesome food and beer?

After the clouds broke we “hydrated”

Tim Salt launched his Lyman after a long restoration. It was the perfect maiden launch. Woudn’t start the first time. Second time it wouldn’t stay in gear. Third time was a charm. Great boat and a great job.

A HUGE THANKS TO  Photo credits shared by MikeM and Dina Wood for the stories and photos! YOU CAN VISIT Mike M’s Business HERE – Lake Oswego Boat Co. Home of the fixed price bottom jobs!

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  1. tparsons56
    tparsons56 says:

    Great pictures! Montana is on my “bucket list” of places I want to visit.

    On another note I have a “WoodyBoater” question. During shows I like to stand by my boat to answer questions but I notice some people like not to be around and let the boat speak for itself – what are peoples opinions on this?

      • Greg Lewandowski
        Greg Lewandowski says:

        I agree with WoodyGal. If I can’t be giving boat rides, hanging out on the boat and talking to folks is the second best way to break the boredom of the show. I did that for several hours at our Lexington show last weekend. Met some nice folks and tried to interest a few in joining the club and saving a classic boat!

      • MikeM
        MikeM says:

        The dock shots were taken early and that’s why you don’t see many owners. Despite the weather most owners were present and there were a lot of ride boats coming and going throughout the day.

        Steve Nichol was at the show and his shop is worth a story of its own, to be sure. Montana is a great state and worthy of a bucket list. Remember to bring a fly rod!

    • Bilgerat
      Bilgerat says:

      I think being near your boat at a show is a way of providing some education to the casual show attendee and maybe impart some woody boat knowledge other than answering “what year is it?”. I even have had a person that proceeded to tell me exactly what I did wrong even arguing that I used plywood (CC Cavalier style) instead of solid mahogany planks on my Sportsman. He wouldn’t listen as I tried to nicely explain that I installed (and paid dearly) for the Philippine mahogany planks. Well, it was a free show to attendees so I guess when it’s free to get in, you are inviting people of all levels of opinion and expertise.

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Looks like they had a great show despite the weather. WoodBoaters are tough! Great variety of boats and the non judged show always seems to increase the relaxation factor. Thanks for sharing.

    • Terry "Bone Daddy" Deems
      Terry "Bone Daddy" Deems says:

      I agree…we have way more fun at the shows that don’t have strict judging…more relaxed indeed Greg…

  3. Bob Miller
    Bob Miller says:

    To the owner of ‘NIGHT HERON’ my Folks had a ’58, 18′ Chris Sea Skiff, they kept in the creek behind their home in Stony Brook, LI. They lived @ 6 Night Heron Drive. Thanks for the memories.

    • Rick
      Rick says:

      Interesting that at least 1 pair of Night Herons currently stay in West Meadow Creek in Stony Brook which I assume is where the house was. Can’t really get out of there at low tide any more with anything much larger than a kayak.

    • James
      James says:

      That’s awesome. My dad used to own and restored Night Heron! Many great memories with her on the Great South Bay.

      Anyone know her current owner and whereabouts?

  4. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    This hobby definitely needs more young people. If you have any extras, bring them to the Hammondsport show.

  5. 72Hornet
    72Hornet says:

    Looks like such a great venue! Did anyone stop in and visit with Steve down in Sumner on the North side of Flathead Lake? Great shop to visit!

  6. Carla
    Carla says:

    Like everyone else, this show is definitely on my bucket list as well. Good representation from Oregon and So. Cal! A little rain at a boat show never hurt any of us…

  7. Tim Robinson
    Tim Robinson says:

    A side note about the family that took a rainy boat ride in Empress…After a three day pull to Whitefish from San Diego it turned out the family was also from San Diego. In spite of the rain, we had a great time. The show is a first class operation, well organized, and reasonably priced.

  8. Dick
    Dick says:

    It’s so sad to see a boat feel rejected and leave by itself to go home… Poor StanCraft! 😉 That show is definitely on the “post retirement bucket list” …

  9. don vogt
    don vogt says:

    This show is a great labor of love by Tim and Deb Salt. They do a fabulous job. They brought their newly restored lyman to the inland empire chapter acbs show at Sandpoint Id this past week end. An excellent restoration.

    Always a strong contingent from the i.e. chapter at the whitefish show, as well.

  10. BK Powell
    BK Powell says:

    Mike forgot mention the one attraction that is “The Attraction” the Tiki Bar…Located next to the boats. PERFECT…Start the day with a bloody Mary-while looking at the boots, next have a Blue Moon at lunch while looking at he boats and finally sipping a gen and tonic while (u guessed it) looking at the boats 🙂

  11. BK Powell
    BK Powell says:

    Correction: Oops too many bloody marys and blue moons that should be “while sipping a GIN and Tonic-

  12. Terry "Bone Daddy" Deems
    Terry "Bone Daddy" Deems says:

    Another great job done by my friends Tim and Deb Salt, they are sooo awesome, and they also hosted a great party at their house on Sunday evening. Even though my buddies Hackercraft (Sirius) shown in the photos, that we brought out from Coeur d Alene, looks like a 35 footer, it’s “only” a 30 footer built in 2004 (no white wood!) and owned by my 86 year young buddy Murray Danzig who also owns 5 other awesome woodies…But yes we need more young folks too!

  13. ol'Salt
    ol'Salt says:

    Thanks to Mike for another great write-up ( the help with Glacier Chaser). And thanks to all the participants and commenters for the kind words about the show.

    Note to all the “bucket listers”: We sold out in 3 weeks this year. Watch the ACBS calendar for registration details or drop me a line at and I will put you on the mail list.

  14. tom gibbons
    tom gibbons says:

    what kind of boat is in the header?beautiful lines,like a small hatteras.looks pilotless?

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