Live-ish From Algonac. Blue Skies, Blue Water, I’m “Bluen” Away!


Wow, The weather in Algonac Delivered!

Reporter David Irvine and his wonderful eye sent us in these great shots of the Algonac Show. of course in true Woody Boater style, no credits or captions. I love this kinda stuff, cause we all get to have fun. Thanks Again David, here is the report as I see it with your photos. Yup, I get to make up the entire report! I may get some things wrong. Just a little.

From Where it all began, and hasnt changed!

Okay, thanks Matt, the weather is great here in Algonac Michigan “where it all started” Lots of sunshine, perfect St Clair water and tons of smiles. Over 3,000 boats showed up, and 100,000 visitors are expected today at the big show. The good year blimp is flying over head, and Ford Motor Co is here to show the world the New Shelby Prototype for 2030.

Back at the plant

Also, in a stunning one of a kind thing, Christopher Columbus Smith who was frozen in a cryogenics chamber has been thawed out and will be here to sign autographs. But please hurry, he is decomposing and its getting a tad rank here. It was a first generation cryogenics thing, and oh, boy.. Gar Wood is expected to be thawed out today. So. Here are some wonderful photos . Enjoy, and see you here. Oh.. that’s not good, Christopher Columbus Smith’s hand just fell off. So no autographs today.. Ugh.

We are near the top of the planet, so that is the curve of the earth down to the right. Thus all the water leaks out and down the rivers to the south. Yup!

Best interior EVER!

Biggest spoiler winner

Winner of the Parking lot awards.

yesterdays winner

Dock shot

The 2030 Chevy prototype. I am shocked Chevrolet would show this. But it is the Detroit area?

Okay, this boat has very cool lines. No really, you walk up to it and it says. Are you a beaver? Cause daaaaaaaaam!

These are very cool, but , okay, I am just gonna throw this out there. is it me or is the entire owner group insane?

Just sayn? BTW, Insane is a good thing here in Woodyboaterville

Okay, the life ring is genus

Winner of the flags across the street award! That lamp post won best lamp post on a corner. Oh! Ya, a new ACBS catagory of awards.

Black Beauty’s unknown brother. Like Brad Pitts Brother. Has the family look. But… well..

This is a demonstration of a new shoe by Sperry. Called Fenders. They are shoes and Fenders when needed. In Canada, they just hang them off the side of your belt. Hey! This is what i was told

How can they afford such a cool boat? Low overhead!

This is for all you sideway photo commenters today.

I need a boathouse like that, not the boat.. That can melt in hell!

Oh can you not smile? it’s paradise.. with no dashboard lights. That reminds me, Meatloaf tonight

Love this name, and way it was done! has a little plastic engine.

Whats up? … Too obscure? For the one of you that gets this, thankyou!

Blond and mahogany! Perfection, these are the coolest of all U22’s

Chris Craft should bring lots of new stuff for a big photo shoot up here.

Whats Up? Get it yet?

Miss America X

Black Beautys little sister. Black Betty.

Hey! Your but is on Woody Boater today!

Winner of the best Vista Cruiser Canvas Top Award

Black Beauty’s little brother. Black Bud

This show always has some very nice cruisers

This is what happens to motorcycle guys when they get older

Classic Whaler.

The T20 award winner


Smile, your on Woody Boater

I know exactly what she is thinking. . Why cant we just get a dam pontoon boat!

Shannon? Is that you

One of our all time Faves. Original interior. Time Capsule



Perfection again

STAY TUNED for more from Algonac, and Lake Hopatcong. We have some very cool stuff including Miss America IX on Lake Hopatcong. This is a very busy weekend for shows and boating. A huge thanks to our Reporters out there working while others are having fun. Its a tough job, but someones got to do it. Oh, wait, this just in. Gar Wood is thawed out and Chris and gar are fighting again. Oh, not good..

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Thank you David and Matt! Greatest captions ever for the show. I can hardly wait to see what you come up with today. BTW, Trump and Hillary are expected at the show about 2:00 for a free boat ride. Watch out for the secret service!

    • Les Best
      Les Best says:

      Easy Rider is a Roamer, steel or aluminum, looks like a 41′, had one for 10 years. Nice boat.

  2. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    I think the answer to Matt’s question of “…What’s up?” is the water levels.
    At the 2011 Algonac show, we needed ladders to get up onto the docks!
    All of the Great Lakes are at record levels for May and so far in June.
    My Classic Corner article in the next issue of Scuttlebutt talks about the challenges us Classic boats face this summer due to the water levels. (Shameless PLUG)

  3. Briant
    Briant says:

    Great (and many!) photos!

    Being a sideways photo commenter….

    Uh, can someone buy that doofus a pair of Sperry Topsiders (ask any local Preppy)….the doofus standing on the varnished deck in his black work boots.


  4. Ronald
    Ronald says:

    Did they have over 3000 boats and 100,000 visitors ? Thats the largest show ever I think. Great comments today. Thanks for them and the pictures, the water at Algonac always amazes me for the color Its beautiful to me.

  5. Wilson Wright
    Wilson Wright says:

    What a lame joke about Chris Smith’s hand..Frown, frown…Guess there are worse things to have fall off…like your carbuerator or water pump…

  6. Wilson Wright
    Wilson Wright says:

    What a lame joke about Chris Smith’s hand..Frown, frown…Guess there are worse things to have fall off…like your carbuerator or water pump…oh, okay

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