Live-ish From Clayton. Setting Up!



Thanks to the FANTASTIC crew at the Antique Boat Museum, we have a live – ish report from Clayton. Fellow Woody Boater Margret Hummel sent us in this report and some great photos of boats! Yes actual amazing historic boats. Take it away Margret.

Swannee is waiting for you to drool all over her

Thanks Woody, High water should not cause issues at boat ramp. Everyone has put on their best MacGuyver hats this year and come up with unique engineering/carpentry solutions to raise the height of their docks.

The River is a little quieter than usual because some cottagers and boat owners have not come up yet due to the high water.Boating on the River is affected by a special 5 MPH within 600 feet of shore limitation, as issued by NYS. However, since some boats at 5 MPH throw an even bigger wake than when planed off, we’re encouraging folks to throw little to no wake within 600 feet. Be kind to our River neighbors. STORY HERE


Special activity – we are trying to get Pardon Me on display (land display only) during boat show. She was supposed to be on display down in the Boldt Castle Yacht House this summer but their Yacht House has been closed due to high water. We’re working with our hauler today and tomorrow to figure out if/where we can put her in campus.

Race boats are a big attraction

Our Marketplace should be fantastic. We have a wonderful manager of the Marketplace area, Mary Bowman, who has recruited more vendors than we have had in years. No admission required to shop the Marketplace.

Lets go!

Because our speedboats are not in the water yet this year, we are offering sailboat rides during the show which is totally new.

Getting set

Hot Flash in All American splendor!

At least 6 beautiful cruisers out on the Mary Street dock, don’t forget to go visit them. Sometimes they are overlooked because of the separate docking but the cruiser crowd is always so welcoming. They’re usually enjoying snacks and beverages and are happy to show folks their floating homes!


The beer has been delivered, so that is all that matters!



Until tomorrow! PERFECTION!

ROOM AVAILABLE AT ANGLE ROCK Cottages. It just opened up! CLICK HERE and call ASAP if you want a room for Saturday Night Only.  This Update was done at 10:50 AM



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  1. Johnny V.
    Johnny V. says:

    On our way tomorrow morning as long as our new grandson decides to delay his birth for another day or so………….

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      I would suggest shutting off your phone until Sunday. What you don’t know can’t interrupt your weekend. Besides, newborn kids look a lot better after 48 hours of de-raisining anyway.

      • Matt
        Matt says:

        You bring up a point regarding cell coverage. Since you are so close to Canada, you should look at your roaming charges. The coverage up there is a challage. It may have been fixed. But????

        • m-fine
          m-fine says:

          OH YEAH!

          TURN OFF DATA ROAMING when you get north of Syracuse! Your phone can pick up a Canadian tower while you are in NY and the charges can add up fast.

          On iOS, it is under Settings/Cellular/Cellular Data Options. Not sure off hand on Android.

          • jim g
            jim g says:

            That happened to me about 5 years ago. I was ticked off when I got an over 300.00 cell bill and I had a flip phone.

  2. Sean
    Sean says:

    Hard to believe Pardon Me in only on a tandem trailer…. I would have thought at least a quad axel jobbie….

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