Live…ish from Coeur d'Alene. ACBS International Boat Show.

55 greavette Streamliner – hemi powered

Chris Smith’s customized ’46 CC Rocket, towed here with his daughter from Michigan

1929 CC 26; Upswept with original A-70. Won best preserved at Tahoe this year.

Reporting in from the ACBS International boat show In Idaho. Woody Boater Paul Harrison is sharing some great images of the show. Paul has been there all week. Taken and given rides on the lake and made some new friends. What has struck me from his reporting in is the excitement in his words.

“Pre-events finished today. Three days of absolutely flawless weather. Most of the boats get here today and tomorrow. A nice selection of about 20-25 boats participated in the pre-event stuff at Priest Lake and on Coeur d’Alene. One of our favorite boats, and that of many others, is a ’59 Portland Boat works custom order called Gyded Missel – just a wonderful, cool boat that moves and sounds great. There should be around 120 boats here, and a huge variety – more than anywhere else, I’m told.
On another report Paul said..
As good as the boats are – which is phenomenal, the people have been even better. What a hobby we have!
I could not have said it better….. so I didn’t…. Off to Smith Mountain Lake. I pray my Internet works. It’s been acting up. So if I miss tomorrow. Sunday and Monday will be huge.