Live-ish From Lake Como.

Our view from the kitchen!

We have made it, after a nice drive from Venice through the countryside of Italy to amazing, stunning, drop dead gorgeous, insane, kapow wow Lake Como. There are places on this earth that are hard to describe, and even in photos tell the entire story. This is one of those amazing places. It’s real, feels real and yet is like a fantasy.

Yes this happened right in fronnt of us

A magical walk at night in Varenna!

Its what your brain always sees when it imagines a magical place, yet the reality is always disappointing. This place does not disappoint. In fact it re-energizes ones faith in mother earth and how fortunate we are to live on this planet.

The ferry across the lake

Thats of course the first thing you think of when you get here. But, of course, the modern world is here, and wouldnt ya know it, the very fist thing we see from our amazing view from the apartment is a perfecto boat.

First thing we saw

And of course if you look a little closer… Closer.. HA!

Can you hear me now?

Today we head out on the lake in a boat rental, we hope, and then visit Glisenti Boats on Lake Como. So stay tuned!

Very cool and they do amazing work.

And of course, all is well, because!

She is happy!

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  1. Cameron
    Cameron says:

    Had a similar reaction when I first visited Portofino.
    You can’t quite take it all in. Como’s on my bucket list for sure!

  2. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Varenna is wonderful! – There is not a better, more central yet low-key spot on the lake. Take a walk up to the old church, grab some gelato under the arch by the marina, (if the shop is still there) and enjoy some wine great food and the view from one of the little restaurants there in the bight of the bay. We took the hydrofoil to Como one morning – Kathy couldn’t get them to stop by George’s place… 🙂 Enjoy!

  3. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.) says:

    Lake Como, the best way to describe it is just beautiful!! You have been to some great places. It has brought back a lot of great memories. My wife has even been on WB this week checking out the photos. Enjoy your stay.

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