Live-ish From Lake George New York


There are lakes, and then there are lakes. And this is Lake George the second kind of lake.. The stunning kind, the post card kind… Hands down one of the most magnificent settings on the planet earth for classic boats. This weekend was your chance to bask in the glory of both. And for those of you.. and me.. that were else wear. Through the magic of the web, you can be there. Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Kent O. Smith you can now sip on your cup of coffee in Woody Boaterville. The 37th Annual Lake George Rendezvous was hosted by the Adirondack Chapter on Saturday, August 28th at the Lake George Village docks. The morning’s chill air gave way to a near picture perfect day with pleasant summer temperatures. 59 boats were registered and about a dozen non registered boats showed up as well. Local Adirondack Chapter members rafted their boats together to accommodate new arrivals. The mix of boats was one of the best ever in recent years.

  1930 Gar Wood 28’ limosene, Scripps 208, “Teddy Bear”.  Owned by Jean Hoffman.
 1930 Gar Wood 28’, original Scripps 202, once owned by Gar’s brother Logan Wood.  “Two Palms”.  Owned by Roger & Maria Johnson.
1960 Lyman 15’, Honda 30hp, owned by Bernard LeMay.  “Wood Vibrations”
 1926 Rochester 28’, Scripps V-12, owned by John Perkins.  “Mr. Benny”.  Restored and previously owned by Wayne Mocksfield.
 2000 Vintage Marine replica CC Racing Runabout, 315hp Mercruiser.  “Blue Chip”.  Built by Tom Hilliker, owned by John Kovac
 1936 Gar Wood 20’ utility, Chrysler Marine 6 cylinder.  “Even Swap”.  Owned by John E. Kelly III
 1926 Hacker Dolphin 26’, Mercruiser 454.  Recent restoration by Fish Brothers.  Owned by Bob Woodward.  “Rowena V”
 1929 Dart 26’, Kermath Sea Wolf 225hp.  Owned by Steve Heitman.  “Temperance”
 1917 George Lawley & Sons launch, Chris Craft Model K engine.  Owned by Mark & Linda McCollister.  “The Only One” has been on Lake George since the early 1950s.
 1954 Chris Craft Racing Runabout 19’, original MBL 158hp.  Hull number 500.  Owned by George Badcock.  “The Little Man” was restored by Cutwater Boatworks (yours truly)
 1929 Chris Craft 28’ upsweep, Marine Power 454.  Owned by George & Kathy Badcock.  “Kath II” still has it’s orginal sides and bottom.  Maintained by Cutwater Boatworks
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