Live – ish From The Antique Boat Center ACBS Symposium!

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Dennis Ryan of The Antique Boat Center singing his rendition of "Proud To Be An American".. Go Dennis go.. Lee Greenwood is headed your way.

These images just in from the Antique Boat Center.. And best of all… No captions, so you know what that means.. I get to make them up!

Dick Werner of the ACBS and Lou Rauh of The antique boat center, wondering when Dennis learned to sing so well.. Jim Neighbors watch out! You can see the look on Lou's face.. When in the hell are we going to start talking about boats Dennis?

Back up singers.. There the real talent there. Right now in this scene they are singing 'The Lollypop Guild Song..

The Lollypop guild!

A nice turnout as usual. Here you can see them all singing along with Dennis and Joel.. Come on, lets all sing. I'm to sexy for my self,, yay ay .. come on...

In this part we call the Portrait lesson. We get a chance to see what a portrait of Joel may look like. He calls this "The The King George."

King George. He liked wood boats as well by the way.

All kidding aside, these events are a great way to learn the tricks of the trade and get together with other Woody Boaters and see that you are not alone in your buffoonery. The guys at Antique Boat Center have a fun time doing it all and have a great sense of humor… I hope! Just 10 1/2 days til Lake Dora.. Woooohoooo, are you come’n.. We can all sing with Dennis..

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  1. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    Excellant Shtick! It is part of what makes WoodyBoater world famous. Are there any boats in Keystone Cops movies or some other comedy ? And it’s educational.
    One other question, were therre light refreshments served?

  2. matt
    matt says:

    They have dnish and stuff in the am.. Then a nice lunch and a fun dinner out. It’s a very nice event and you get to meet other great folks in the hobby..

  3. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Great info from a very knowledgeable staff.  Looking forward to Sunday’s session.  Just too many old bald men in plaid shirts, me being one of them.  Where’s the woody boater gal/resto chics?  These are the guys that are open minded to new procedures and don’t mind sharing their best practices with everyone.  That’s very humble on their part and kudos to Lou, Dennis, and Joel for putting this together.  Outstanding handout materials.  Maybe they’ve got an opening? Will work for hardware.  Have you priced a box of silicon screws lately?  and you think the price of gas is high. 

  4. William Hammond
    William Hammond says:

    Wow!! No more varnishing for you!! At least not without proper ventilation. It was great fun though! Thanks for the laughs. “The Lollipop Guild” had me hooting. I played the Wizard in our local Community Theatre production of Oz. Might be the name of a boat in there…..

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