Live-ish From The Land Of Exposed Riding Fenders.


1938 Port Carling Boatworks Dorothy III

A huge thanks to long time fellow Woody Boaters Julie and Chris Bullen from way up NORTH for sending us in this report from Muskoka Wharf, Gravenhurst.

Woodyboater, We had a boat show.

Maurice in his home built tug “I Think I Can”

Julie and I as well as the whole family had a wonderful day at our 38th show. This show is becoming a classic just like the people and the boats. Due to this we here in the land of exposed riding fenders. long deck launches and dippys try to keep it fresh.

this was cool a 1941 Garwood overnighter with Twins

two pictures I want it

That’s not easy but I think this team has been doing everything they can. Last year we made the show free to the public and to the exhibitors without these two there is no show, this alone has really reenergized the event. Free boat rides, almost 300 had a ride this year in some pretty amazing boats. Rum Runner and Will took half of them I think. Its pretty special to have those owners volunteer their boat, time and fuel, but I think the smile and appreciation shown by the riders really makes it a special part of the show now. We also put in great effort to get more fiber classics out with a dedicated team, its working we were up to 20 this year.

Kim and Tim in the Classic Whaler

Rich and Linda introduced pre-events to our show and this was the third year we have carried them out. We usually trailer to a lake on the Wednesday and then boat on one of the 3 lakes without trailering away from Gravenhurst on Thursday, followed by the poker run on Friday.

1956 shepherd going to get a poker card

Wednesday, this year, we toured the Huntsville chain of lakes just north of Gravenhurst. It was a very hot day we had a good ride and a great stop near the portage railway hosted by Peter and Elisabeth Moffat who have a wealth of stories and history of the area. We then headed to lunch in an air-conditioned pub after which we all said “let’s head back to the ramp”. Thursday on Lake Muskoka we toured the Bala side of the lake with a stop at the Smales boathouse. They are always willing to share and have a great spot with some unique boats, cars and Kathy’s lovely doll houses.

Big boat and tight space requires some rigging to get a poker card

After the stop I raced back to our island to start cooking 48 burgers and getting out all the fixings as I could not continue to lead. My co-Captain Julie took the lead but she did not drive Riot, no, Will gave her the wheel to Rum Runner! Man, I got the short straw. It was another stinking hot one many cooled of on the beach while having their lunch, Friday was the 6 annual Poker run Glen Martin again for the second time, he won with 3 queens.

The Smales Boathouse Thursday’s Stop

Saturday has arrived and it is boat show day, we got in a lot of boating over the last three days but now we can stroll the docks and see 120 boats of every size make and colour. We also have antique cars, a kids area to make their own wood boat, music, fashion show, vendors with all sorts of special items you need. Just down the board walk is the field of dreams here you can find your next boat or your first boat, as well we have free entrance to the Heritage Centre were the history of the area, boats, steamships and hotels are there to see. and don’t forget they have the large in-water boat show right in the facility at the grace and speed boathouse.
So much to see and do it should be on your bucket list.

All smiles is what its about Glen Martin with his poker run winning crew

Thanks to Mike Gridley for taking on the Show Chair position and the over 100 volunteers!
It’s the boats and the people! If not for the ACBS we would not be celebrating with all our boating friends. Next show for Julie and I is Lake James IN. Lake James Mike its your turn to cut the grass see you in 2 weeks.

Cheers and Happy Boating
Julie and Chris

Youth section boats ready to paint

Youth program Kait volunteer extraordinaire assisting

Yoholme 1921 Ditchburn

Valiant_2003 Fish brothers Bruce Greening from Michigan. he was promoting something blue in September maybe some one can fill in the blanks

The Jeffery 1939 Greavette

the dash of Rainbow 1

Robin Adair 1926 Ditchburn

Peter Moffets award winning Aristo Craft

Our pride and Joy Miss SupertestIII 3 time Harmsworth winner

not the Zepher I remember as a kid

Margret and Al Herr U22 is dialed in and I can catch it

Hydromite has a striped down 6hp outboard

1960s Hydromite its an outboard but they put it in front of the driver it must turn on a dime

Still has the tag on it

Full of happy boaters

Cameo 1927 tender

Are card stops are photo perfect

A Man his dog and his boat Perfect_Robinbrook is a 1926 Ditchburn

1959 Glasstron

The setting at one of the many boat houses.

Again a huge thanks to Chris and Julie from the Toronto Chapter of the ACBS for taking the time to capture this amazing event and share it with us all.


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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Great to see Valiant running on Muskoka. Bruce and Kit were really looking forward to the event. Al and Margaret seem to be there every year. It is a wonderful time and Chris and Julie are great hosts for the pre events. I hope we can get back up there next year.
    I think Chris may have been giving a shameless plug to the big Port Huron event in September. I hope he is bringing Riot across the border to be part of the fun. All the info for Boat the Blue is on the left side of the page, so no excuses for missing the party!

    • Chris B
      Chris B says:

      Sorry no Riot on the blue. The family will be on Gloucester pool that weekend as my eldest is getting married so I best go there. We will be boating its a pool, with water, that can fit Riot and her friends !

  2. Tuobanur
    Tuobanur says:

    👍👍👍 WOW, that Rum Runner is everywhere, took one of my first wooden boat rides in her a few years back at lake Dora, even got to drive her.

  3. Mark
    Mark says:

    Haha. My son took us out on his plastic ocean boat this weekend and his wife texted him from the shore to pull the fenders in and I got to tell the Canadian story.
    Great photos. Is that the Judge Smales boathouse ? Spaulding you are going for a boat ride today.

  4. Mike Green
    Mike Green says:

    Thanks for sharing such a great place and some great boats. I think when they mean hot it was like 75 degrees:)

  5. Richard Daley
    Richard Daley says:

    Does anyone have more details on Robinbrook the 1926 Ditchburn? that’s one long boat.

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