Long Awaited Riva Forum Entra Nel Vivo!

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It’s been in the works for a while now.. It’s been on Italian time… There is always time to get it done, but we are going Riva Boating.. to be honest, if I had a Riva I would never be behind a key board either.. So if you own a Riva.. jump in, if you want to own one, jump in, if you don’t want to have a Riva but want the Riva babes that go with them.. Jump in if you only wear a sweater around your neck, jump in.. Like pasta…..Pizza lover.. jump in!

A message from the founders:
The Riva Forum Group would first like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to the Riva Historical Society (click here to learn more) for their tireless work in bringing all lovers of Riva boats together.  The Riva Historical Society and affiliated clubs are truly a world class organization that we are very proud to be members.  Not only a fantastic group of classic boaters but the Riva Historical Society also produces a world-class publication called Viva Riva.

Preserving and promoting the treasures of Carlo Riva for the world is the most noble of goals for Riva Historical Society. In keeping with those most noble goals, a small group of us decided to contribute more to the collective spirit that is Riva Historical Society.  We wanted to share our passion, experiences and knowledge with the world, as Riva is bigger than only a single club, it belongs to everyone.

A short time ago we gathered and asked, “How can we do more; how can we bring the world of classic Riva boat lovers together; how can we best support Riva Historical Society?”  Our answer was simple; create a method by which all may share their Riva experiences with the world.  We determined our mission had two parts.  First, it must support the Riva Historical Society mission in every way possible.  Second, it must be free of charge to participate and not associated with any club.

One of the many cool images on the Riva Historical Website

With this mission established our group created www.RivaForum.org for all to benefit from.  The iconic wooden Riva now has a worldwide home for fellowship. The new Riva Forum is the place for those who love the look, lines and feel of classic Riva boats. Carlo Riva made history by producing what many consider to be the finest crafts to ever grace water. Both form and function come together when one thinks of the Italian Riva.

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    I see Don Ayers and Bill Basler are associated with the forum. Do they have Rivas or are they only hoping this gets them rides. If it does can I be a moderator too? I’m Italian, and have an Uncle Carl, that must count for something. Anyway, good luck to all the founders of the new forum.

  2. Bill Basler
    Bill Basler says:

    I love all of our wooden boat kin, but I am perfectly happy (for today) chasing Chris-Crafts and Gar Woods. I suppose there may come a day, but my college age kids are soaking my wallet pretty good. Maybe I need a no soak bottom?

  3. Texx
    Texx says:

    It’s exciting to finally see the new Riva Forum taking shape, we appreciate all the work and dedication from the founders to get the forum up and running.

    For me, the new Riva Forum provides the opportunity to learn more about this world renowned marque which until now was difficult to find information on Rivas in general.

    Nice work guys!

    By the way, fellow Woody Boater Rick suggested that it could be beneficial to be Italian on the site, which could also improve the chance of some day riding in a classic Riva.

    This may be a good time to reveal my full name.


  4. ARRRGH!
    ARRRGH! says:

    I just be happy to ride in one! My wife and inlaws are Sicilian, and I am the favorite non-Italian inlaw of Uncle Guido. I think he has a classic boat named “Atsamaboat”. He calls me “Hey, Babba!” (I think it means the chosen one.)

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