Mahogany & Merlot This Weekend. Great Food, Great Boats, Great Wine.

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OK, normally we would not recommend mixing wine tastings and unlimited hydro racing. But in this special case, this is one amazing show to attend. Clearly the wine tastings and food are separate from the Hydro racing. So much for the good old days.. Darn laws and tragic results. Thousands of deaths have ruined it all for the rest of us. Come on! What could possibly go wrong?

Hydros, classic boats and wineries. What could make this any better? I know, A Kate Upton look alike contest! Call it Mahogany & Merlot and Dear Lord That Is One Smok’n Momma Show! Come on it will fit on the poster! WARNING, Do not click on that link if you want to keep reading this story!

All kidding aside about the name. This event draws the cream of the crop of unlimited Hydros and  Antique & Classic boats. The gang putting on the show is amazing and very inviting. So if you are in the area, this is one of the good shows to go to. Below is the info from the web site, and if you want even more info. Click here.  and for more on hydros,  here is the link for the the Hydroplane And Raceboat Museum.

The official poster for this years event

The 2012 Mahogany & Merlot Vintage Boat Show is a ‘on-the-water’ boat show and FREE Family Friendly event featuring the Vintage Unlimited Hydroplanes from the Hydroplane And Raceboat Museum in Seattle, along with restored Vintage Inboard ‘Limited Class’ Hydroplanes, and Antique & Classic Mahogany Runabouts from the Golden Era of pleasure boating.

As many as 6 big Unlimited class hydroplanes will be attending the 2012 Mahogany & Merlot event with names like: Miss Bardahl, Miss Thriftway, Miss Wahoo & Miss Burien. These same raceboats, now restored and preserved raced on Beautiful Lake Chelan in the late 1950’s. Also showcased will be up to 20 beautifully restored smaller inboards (limited class) Hydroplanes and Racing Runabouts. While the Unlimited Hydroplanes run the WWII Aircraft Power plants, these vintage ‘limited’ class boats utilize a variety of automotive based engines.

Rounding out the 2012 Mahogany & Merlot Vintage Boat Show are the meticulously restored Antique & Classic Mahogany Chris-Craft’s, Century’s, Gar Wood’s and other makes from a bygone era. These gorgeous and pristine boats will line the docks along ‘Mahogany Row’ at Don Morse Park & Marina in beautiful Lake Chelan.

We’ll be kicking things off on Friday, October 5th from 2-7 pm with an open house viewing of the boats and, simultaneously, a wine tasting at Firehouse 5 in downtown Manson (the tasting isn’t free; 21+ yrs and older please). While in Manson, stroll down to one of the several great restaurants for dinner.

Hydro races will begin early Saturday morning, so be sure to get in on the action early! All free and open to the public all weekend long.

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  1. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    I remember that day, if I think it is the, one last Sept on the pre events, coming out of the Chicago locks, turning South to head over to the Columbia Y.C. harbor for lunch. “OLD SCHOOL normally is a wet ride in big winds like this, but that day Ronnie siad, “Don’t get my hair wet, or I will look bad for lunch”. So I said “Hang on Baby”, and nailed it. We got up on top of the waves and turned South into the wind at around 40 mph, and never got wet. Gotta love all that horsepower!!!

  2. Bill
    Bill says:

    miss bardahl [the green dragon] and miss thriftiway two of the greatest boats from the unlimited era i remember seeing them race in detroit back in the day ole bardahl was really into the sport he made his fortune makeing engine additives

  3. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    So far, the weather forecast is good – there are (at last count) 35 runabouts signed up and the hospitality and wine has gotten better every year. With the regional fires affecting the passes, the drive may be a “hard row to hoe” for some, but the end result is worth it! A Friday AM run to Stehekin is planned – weather permitting…

    …We’ll see you there!

  4. Jon Courtright
    Jon Courtright says:

    Great plug Texx, thanks a lot. Weather is suppose to hold…, its crush time at the winery’s. Friday night reception and registration at Firehouse #5 wine tasting bar and Wine Girl’s Blending Room in Manson 5 to 7pm. and then wine tasting at the event site on Saturday. Its all good…

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