Mamma Mia! Thats Alotta Boats, Boats, And More Boats! Venice, Italy!

Woody Boats galore, but man oh man that aint a cheap ride. 48 Euros a person just to get on the boat and then an amount per 10 minutes.

Well, we sure found some boats alright. Wow, this is an amazing place, sadly though the entire planet knows it as well, and its a large crowd for sure. A bazillion different languages and the best people watching on the planet. It’s amazing to see what happens when you only can get around by boat, the innovation and design is amazing. I can see this as a wonderful life, except for all of us tourists ruining the place. Then again, we are the economy here for sure, so like everything in life, there is a ballence in the world. Today we go to the Glass Island. I am oddly done for a bit with boat watching. Or maybe not. Enjoy the boats!

Cliche boats

bus boats

Pink boats

Purple boats

Boston Whaler!

Little red boats

Its all about finding the toilets

Coming and going boats

Okay, thats just beautiful

Gotta do the Dock Shot in Venice

Iconic Venice on a cell phone.

Cool covers

Beer boats

Dumptruck bull dozer boats

Old boats with a snazzy cover

Roof material cover held down by a beer can.

Delivery boats

More woody taxi boats

Green work boats

Ambulance boats

Italian Navy Boats

Hotel boats

Whatever the hell this thing is boat

Photo boats

Boats to have a good laugh on boat

Loooong boats – BTW, everyone is on there dam cell phones here.

Cool plastic taxi with wood top

Bull dozer boat

Not sure what sort of boat this is, maybe the white cargo van of boats

Fancy Italian shirt boats

Yellow boats

Large bulldozer boat

Looks like some sort of race practice or crew thing, maybe a gondola school thing?

Old man boats


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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Yeah! You found all the boats! Now take a break from boats and see if you can find anything good to eat. Then see if you can find a boat on the local Craigslist so you can drive around without paying every 10 minutes. Don’t tell your wife l, she will love the surprise.

    BTW, everyone is on their phone all the time because they need to keep checking to see if they made it onto the world famous WoodyBoater website.

  2. Jim Staib
    Jim Staib says:

    Just realized why I never had the urge to go there. I’m color blind and would not be able to fully enjoy it. Glad to see it with captions. Or maybe it’s the flight.

  3. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.) says:

    Great Pics!! You have found boats in Europe. I loved Venice. Its hard to believe it is all water, islands, and boats. Enjoy the boats, the people, the buildings. Sample some fine food, great wine, and Moretti beer. Makes me want to go back.

  4. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Takes me back to one of my favorite places – we were there last three years ago. If you have time, get out to Burano – home of Venetian Lace. It is a small version of Venice that maintains the charm of the area and looks much like Venice did before WWII. A nice afternoon stroll with the Boatress through the little town without the constant hustle experienced in Venice – clean, colorful buildings, nice little restaurants – you would enjoy it.

    • Marty Feletto
      Marty Feletto says:

      Matt. A short walk from San Marco is an Italian naval museum, right next to the Venetian Arsenal which are very old shipyards. Maybe 15 years ago we did a Riva event there and based out of this really old place. The museum is named Museo Storico Navale.

      We were there for almost a week and ended taking about 30 Rivas down the grand canal!

  5. Bob Ulrich
    Bob Ulrich says:

    Loved Venice!!!!!!! The scary part was they drive their boats like they drive their cars and taxi’s. Coming in with the cruise ship they would cut it off and think nothing of it!!!!!!!

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