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1940 42′ Chris Craft “Maranee

Wow, looks like we are covering all over the USA today.Thanks to longtime WoodyBoater Randy Mueller for sending in this Live-ish report! It’s a busy Monday in Woodyboaterville.

Even a snazzy Poster

Gig Harbor, just north of Hollywood

Our small invitational show here in Gig Harbor, WA just concluded over this past weekend (May 20-21). This was our 5th annual show with some local historical significance.

Small show, big boats

The weather was absolutely gorgeous, with summer finally in attendance this past week. The Tides Tavern is one of our more ‘famous’ long established waterfront hangouts.


We had full docks with ten ‘vessels’ in attendance this year: 1939 53′ Elco “Riptide” (Star of a television series in the 1980’s), 1926 Purse Seiner “Veteran”, 1940 42′ Chris Craft “Maranee”, 1965 28′ Grandy “Jonta”,

1928 30′ Vic Franck “Miracle”, 1953 42′ Cummings Boat Company “April Ann”, 1927 44′ Ballard Marine Railway “El Mistico”, replica of 1841 26′ longboat “Porpoise”, 1968 17′ Century Fibersport “”Hercules”,

1960 17′ Chris Craft runabout “Foolish Pleasure”.

The commercial vessel “Veteran” was built in 1926 at a local Gig Harbor shipyard about 300 yards away from our show docks. She commercially fished until about 2005 and was then used for a bit of pleasure cruising by her loving owner. Recently she was donated to the Gig Harbor BoatShop, a local community foundation that promotes the maritime heritage here in the harbor. They are based out of an old boatbuilding yard here in Gig Harbor.

The Gig Harbor BoatShop also uses the replica gig “Porpoise” for educational purposes. It was designed and built to showcase the type of longboat that was used to explore the lower regions of Puget Sound back in the 1840’s. It was the type of survey craft that ‘discovered’ Gig Harbor — in fact our harbor was named after the gig that first rowed into the the bay.


The Vessel “Riptide” was used in a television series in the 1980’s out of the southern California area, and the owners continue to ‘discover’ new information and documentation regarding her history.

The crowd (15 revelers) aboard the Century and the rafted Chris Craft were from a family wedding this weekend, so they used their boats to continue that celebration.

Randy Mueller

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  1. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.) says:

    Two Posts in one day!! What a nice suprize. I did not have to get up at 5 in the morning to leave the 1st comment. Looks like a fun show. Beautiful boats, and beautiful weather what more can you ask for. Love those cruisers.

  2. Bob B
    Bob B says:

    What a spectacular couple of days of WB photos—planes, boats, chairs (our cottage has wicker) road-trips, Troy’s photo-posting again (Yay!) Can it get any better?—It’s the Catz Pajamas!

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Veteran looks like a super cool boat! The Corsairs are even cooler, but they aren’t wood and they are not boats and I am sure there is a party pooper who would complain if they get too much press here. Especially is Katz’s does the nose art, seat upholstery, or some other crime against humanity.

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