Meanwhile in Gorinchem. Ya I Said Gorinchem.

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Loading her up

Thanks to Bert Holster we have a report in from across the pond. Wait, that’s an English thing.. Not sure what the Netherlandishsaying is. Dutchish?  I love stories from around the globe. Somehow we are all connected in a wonderful shared way!  If you wonder where Gorinchem is. I have this map..

See? It’s right there.

Could this be done by a Woody Boat? The Vikings did it. There are little islands between Scotland and Iceland. The Faroe Islands.  Not sure if they have head gaskets for a 1948 Chris craft W though.

Take it away Bert… PLEASE.

Just one more ride

Yes also here in the Netherlands we are having fun in reading Woody Boater from time to time !! So to give a sign of life about wooden boating in this part of the world, a little message from me. Most of the Dutchies lift their pleasure boats out of the water before end of October.

Ready for springtime

So did I today and now its time to start thinking about the winter workjobs to do and I hope it will not stay at thinking about it.

Anyway it will start with cleaning the tarpaulin because again I waited too long to bring the boat inside in this already humid period of the year ! Caused by false hope for that last time opportunity combined with a nice sunny day to go for a last ride on the water this year ?



Bert Holster, Gorinchem, the Netherlands

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Thanks for the report. Did anyone else read this with a Dutch accent in their head? Or am I just strange?

    • Jim the Lurker
      Jim the Lurker says:

      Rick…I’m so glad to see your comment about reading this piece with a Dutch accent…I caught myself doing the same…

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    This is a nice tease, but can we get some more info on the boat, engine, and some on the water pics? I need to go back to Holland anyway, so if you need a roving reporter, I will volunteer to go in the spring.

  3. Michael Maddox
    Michael Maddox says:

    Love the photoshop job on today’s header, Matt! Very “artistic” ahem ahem ahem…. Seriously, great concept & very well done!

  4. Clay at Crosslake
    Clay at Crosslake says:

    Rick and Jim- Nothing strange about reading with a Dutch accent, ya? So did I. We’re all Bozo’s on this Bus.
    Bert, is that a pair of rowing sculls stacked next to your boat?

  5. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    I like to cruise around my Chesapeake world and check on the snowbirds heading south. This past weekend there were two boats from the Netherlands on the hook in Deltaville va.
    Nice folks….long way from home. 3 Canadians too.
    John in Va.

  6. Tim Robinson
    Tim Robinson says:

    We sold a Capri to a guy in the Netherlands several years ago, always wondered if it got restored. As I recall it had a perfect steering wheel (hard to find).

  7. Floyd r turbo
    Floyd r turbo says:

    Looks like a Riva but never seen one without the wrap around windshield. It’s got the large rear cockpit which is usually a sun deck pad and bear claw vents with engine room porthole vents in the topsides.

  8. Bert Holster
    Bert Holster says:

    Upper picture taken in front of the yard around 1950. In lower picture the yard owner in another model of this yard.

  9. Bert Holster
    Bert Holster says:

    Indeed a pair of woorden rowing sculls stored next to the boat.
    They have some very strange bad cuts in the high pressure moulded 3 or 4 mm thick wooden hulls.

  10. Bert Holster
    Bert Holster says:

    ‘Timossi’ located at lake Como in Italy made some very famous three point hydroplane racing hulls. But only a few people know this yard made also ‘normal’ runabouts. Our Timossi runabout is a early type ‘Falcone’. Size 7,20 m x 2,25 m and she has a Gray Marine Fireball 225 engine.

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