More Pictures From Port Orchard!


Miss Rolco a 42′ Connie just hanging out for you to climb aboard and drool..

Thanks to Washington Correspondent Tim Dies we have more fun images from Port Orchard Washington of the 2012 Chris-Craft Rendezvous. In this special case, dock shots are fine, since getting a boat out for a run looks to be a rather bit of a challenge. What a cool idea for a party. Everyone just hangs out on there cruiser and parties all weekend! Dam the grey skies, we’ve got a living room! Also note I have been experimenting with click on the image and it should blow up.. No not your computer, just enlarge. i also am not sure what boat gues with what interior. So its a bit of a free for all.

How cool is that! Modern yet retro. Dang!

More interior from Monaco

High Seas 65 foot Connie

Part of that same interior

A 58 foot Roamer Cruiser. I so love these old roamers. A nice Aluminum retro restored one. I think this is the boat for all the cool interior shots? DANG!

And a cool dingy! Sinbad!

Sophie Marie Rear Deck!

Its not a show, it’s a party! To hell with the grey skies. It is Washington after all.

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    I’ve been admiring that 65 Connie from the first shots you posted. Just something about it rings my bell. Thanks for the coverage.

  2. matt
    matt says:

    Aparently Tim meant the biggest gathering. the largest one there is the 65. maybe the others will show.

  3. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Aren’t these boats stunning. Love the old/new interiors. And really love the profile design of that 65 Connie. Thank god I cant fit one in a container.

    • jimmuh
      jimmuh says:

      Not to worry Phillip: that’s why you have Aurora Global Logistics….

      West Coast USA / Australia Monthly
      Australia / East Coast USA / Australia Fortnightly

      Float on or Lift on, your choice. Now, was it the 65 or the 57 you wanted…….?

        • James
          James says:

          Uh oh…..I can tell by the typing that Mrs. Andrew has seen the discussion….Phillip will be in trouble when/if he returns……;-)

  4. James
    James says:

    Interesting on that 65′ Connie; deletion of ALL handrails & lifelines on deck…..probably need to keep your cocktails in check….

  5. Jeff p
    Jeff p says:

    In the 5th picture down. It shows a picture of a rear deck with two chairs. Whats the hole in the deck floor? Is that where you drop your empties or where the wife/girlfriend/second mate passes up a fresh cold beverage? (Yea i know its a porthole/skylight for the rear aft cabin)…. just thinkin ya know keep those great picts. comin!!!…

  6. Rick
    Rick says:

    Emergency girlfriend escape hatch it you’re dumb enough to risk wife sinking your cruiser if she shows up.

  7. Amadeus
    Amadeus says:

    I crewed on that 65 foot connie in the summer of 1990. It used to have railings. A truly exceptional boat. Used to be owned by Hank Isaacson Jr. It was originally bought by a Caterpiller dealer that had the original design changed for a 6 inch higher deck so he could install two 343d Turbo Cats. That boat would put out the largest wake I ever saw. And it would boogie.

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