Mr. Gar Wood, And Mr. Christopher Columbus Smith Request Your Presence At The Dedication Of Their Statue On June 27th 2010.

If you are alive on June 27th this year, then you need to be in Algonoc Michigan to celebrate the unveiling of a way over due dedication to the two men that started it all. As well as the 25th Anniversary of the Algonac Chris Craft plant Jamboree . “Where it all began” June 25-27

Sculptor Sergei Mitrofanov and the clay mock up and the start of the statue in pink.

Gar Wood, and Chris Smith will be there in spirit for sure. There will also be a celebration put on by the Michigan chapter of the ACBS with a boat parade and drive by. If you are into these speed boats. It will be like visiting mecca. We will find a wall someplace that you can bang your head on if you like… Obscure reference yes… but to those of you that got it..thank you for the chuckle.. Anyway.. This is going to be a very emotional moment for the hobby. And all the stars for a brief moment will be channeled in one place. Now, if you can’t make it.. What can you do to feel the love? What else… PAY UP!

Here is your chance. Click on the image and it will blow up.. Wait.. Not like an explosion. but larger.. No gas fumes here…

A check from you will buy you a spot in Classic Boat heaven… Enough dough and you got yourself a skybox in heaven… With Hooter girl waitresses and flat screen TV’s showing 24 hrs of boat shows and a classic boat that needs nothing right there at your beck and call…. All for just writing a check. That is a deal for sure… I guarantee it… If you get to Woody Boat heaven and it aint so, please let us know, we will refund your check…….Chris and Gar will be there to talk you out of it though… Below is a list of Hotels in the area. Just click on it.. And well, stand back…Rooms are booking up, so make your move. See you there!