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Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 6.02.49 AMHappy Halloween! And happy Hagerty Last Gasp Week! As we start to end this amazing week, today we have a wonderful Last gasp with none other than the Woody Boater sexiest man alive. Tommy Holmes Wow, and there is even a video!
October 18, 2015

tommy gasp 2

Big Bass Lake, MI (CBC) – Century Boat Club President, Thomas Holmes treated fellow Century Boat Club Board members Marten Anderson and David Kamaloski and his wife, Wendy, to a last gasp boat ride. During a Century Boat Club Board meeting Saturday night in Manistee, MI, President Holmes invited these Board members to his residence on the shores of Big Bass Lake for a Sunday afternoon boat ride. Sunday afternoon, under clear skies, a light breeze and cool temperatures, the last gasp party got under way with a tour of the recently remodeled Holmes’ residence, some adult beverages, and good conversation. The gathered guests admired the stunning view from the deck.

tommy gasp-1
Just a short walk down the Holmes’ dock was the Century Thoroughbred that would take the party on this last gasp adventure. The Thoroughbred is a 1967 15’ Century Resorter powered by a 190 horse power Ford 289 V8.With a beverage in hand, the guests boarded and cast off for a trip around the glassy Big Bass Lake water. Tommy guided the Resorter slowly away from the dock and idled near the shore as his guests surveyed the beautiful surroundings with the low burbling of the exhaust in the background. Cabins, boat houses and trees of numerous colors line the shoreline.

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Finally, it was time for some fast adventure and the Ford’s throttle was opened. The Thoroughbred leapt forward, the exhaust note roared as the boat’s speed began to build. With a devilish smirk on his face, Mr. Holmes gave his guests a low flying tour of Big Bass Lake. They waved at his neighbors who stepped out onto their balconies to catch a glimpse of the craft breaking the peaceful afternoon’s silence.

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For those of you not familiar with Thomas “Tommy” Holmes, he enjoys sharing Thoroughbred stories and adventures, and today would be no exception. While sharing folklore and myths about the area, Tommy slowed the Thoroughbred near a bridge leading to a small island. Pointing to the lake on the other side of the bridge, Tommy regaled his guests with a long lost geography fact of the area, indicating Wisconsin was on the other side of the bridge along with plenty of cows and cheese. Not wanting to waste any more time on Wisconsin, Tommy opened the Ford’s throttle wide and the Thoroughbred was swiftly on its way again cutting wakes in the glassy waters. Winding left and right along the shoreline at high speed, Tommy came upon some ducks wading in his lake. As the Thoroughbred approached these infiltrators, they began to realize that messing around in Tommy’s lake may not be a good for their survival. With a few quick flicks of webbed feet, and then some furious flapping of feathered wings, these vagabonds were dispatched from the lake as the Thoroughbred turned northward and roared toward home.Nearly an hour later as the sun was beginning to set, the Thoroughbred gently pulled alongside the dock. As they disembarked, Mr. Holmes’ guests thanked him for a wonderful Sunday afternoon and last gasp adventure. And the peaceful silence returned to Big Bass Lake.

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  1. Chris B.
    Chris B. says:

    atta boy Tommy. Nice to see the resorter on a last run. A well scribbled article, odd that you refer to yourself by name, but expected, cheers.

    • 51resorter
      51resorter says:

      The only thing missing from the article is my name as the author which would explain why Tommy refers to himself.

  2. Jack Schneiberg
    Jack Schneiberg says:

    Hey! I was on the other side of that bridge last Sunday in Wisconsin and I didn’t hear that Resorter!! BTW I’ve been on that lake with “Holmes, Tommy Holmes” but in an Arabian 17′ that was tooled around Big Bass Lake in a manner so as to worry one about the color of his shorts.
    Great story, Tommy. Don’t go under the bridge today. It’s rainy, cold and dark on the other side. Lotsa ducks, too….

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    You guys have way too much fun last gasping. I am always rushing to get the boats out, invariably in unpleasant weather conditions.

  4. Mike K
    Mike K says:

    adult beverages in green bottles! those century people know how to live!

    on another note, what happened to the video controls? have to go to youtube to change size/volume

  5. Wylie
    Wylie says:

    ok! that was fun. Currently the windshield is off my boat for refurbish. If I bring it over I think we can make it to Wisconsin.

  6. tommyholmes
    tommyholmes says:

    My brother was also at the last gasp. He doesn’t do boat rides. He is the “sexiest man” from down under.

  7. Guy McCollum
    Guy McCollum says:

    Tommy’s been replaced as the sexiest man alive by Jackson Robert McCollum! Jackson had a memorable last gasp ride on Beaver Lake Arkansas this week before we put the Century Sabre Gullwing into hibernation till spring. Tommy, when do you go into your den?

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