Neither Rain, Sleet, Snow, Or A Bad GPS Will Keep Us From Talking!

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They promised 10 inches of snow for the drive. Thanks god they were wrong

We made it! Jimmy and I arrived just in time  despite a GPS system that thought going to Ohio via back roads would be fastest for a small dinner gathering with the good folks from Antique Boat Center, Carla from Hagerty, Jim Staib from Fine Wood Boats, Martin, from Illinois,  Greg, and Dennis, from Algonac, and others all having a nice summer. Today we go over to Antique Boat Center to set up and test the live streaming system. It could be a mess and not work, or may be the coolest thing yet. We will be breaking big news for Antique Boat Center during the live talk, those of you that have never seen or heard Carla from Hagerty also get to see her talk live! So, stay tuned, the camera will go live around 1030, on and off, get boring and then once we talk, real boring. It will be interesting to see how the comments work. Oh, god, what in the heck am I doing? We got all your questions and will try and address them. The big topic seems to be attracting younger folks to the hobby, and the ACBS. Oh boy..

Funny things happen when you are looking down and reading emails. I was not driving…. and then you look up.. It took a second to figure this out.

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    I think this is a great experiment. If it works then all sorts of lecture opportunities present themselves. Go luck. Now my patients will just have to understand why I’m not in the room with them today, oh god am I going to be distracted.

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