No, I Am Not Raising Alpacas!


No Lama’s either

Well, yesterday’s story did not provoke any drama, and I had a Mending fences story ready to go. And no one took the bait. Really, since when did this community become so nice? Oh, ya.. Since always. Anyway, regarding Alpacas, Lama’s, Cattle, Goats, yes.. all the animals that have been named by the neighbors as they come by to see about the new fences at the Railway. The most shocking part of this, is, noone has repeated the same animal. Everyone seems to have some sort of different animal in their heads.

This will be Mista B’s grass..

New Fence as part of the signage.

The fence and sign post will be black

Little do they know, I am building them for the smallest of beasts.. Beasts.. Mista B.. He loves everyone and wants to run up to the street and kiss all the girls.. Today, I will be there, adding some details and starting the process near the water. This way he can run around the railway and not have to be tied up.

Defined parking area.

Leveling the fence was more eyeball than level with all the incline shifts

The plan is coming into view

All this was on schedule for next week’s CANCELED Show. I have kept the pace going though, maybe next year. We have been thanked so many times by people around here for canceling the event. Cases have spiked here for sure


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  1. Chuck Crosby
    Chuck Crosby says:

    Picture of our Alpacas…I think they would look nice in front of the Red Boat Barn, but it is 2409 miles according to Googley…so I think we will keep them

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