Noosa Dreamboats…..Classic Boating Down Under

Fellow Woody Boaters Michael and Sandy Guthrie from the Land Down Under have a great business bringing the Dream of the Woody Boat life to the rest of the world. Noosa Dreamboats They commissioned one of the top companies in the US of A – Fletcher Boats in Washington State to build there dream boat and then have it delivered. Honestly this sounds like a nightmare of shipping and logistics. But it looks worth it and I am sure Fletcher Boats knows how to manage a project from a far. When you think of it, there is no difference in undertaking such a thing from Cleveland to Washington, or Australia to Washington. It’s all a phone call and email photo anyway… Noosa Dream was delivered and now takes brides and grooms and other folks out for wonderful rides. I LOVE THIS! this is what it’s all about… You can read more about how this all happened here... and if you plan on going to the magical world down under you might want to click here and get yourself ready. Yes it’s a cliche… So!

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    It is a great place. Weekends start early and the beer is always cold and plentiful. Lots of saltwater boating, there is not alot of freshwater boating, most of the country is arid. The island continent has beautiful coasts and Sydney harbor. It is wide open. I have as many neighbors around NYC as they have citizens. If I go again I would get that wood boat ride. G'day

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