Late Live-ish From 39th Annual Lake George Rendezvous!


Stunning Lake George. Stunning Chris Craft. Stunning Photo!

This weekend up on Lake George was the perfect weekend to take your Woody Boat out for a fun rendezvous with fellow Woody Boaters, thanks to Kent O. Smith Jr we have great shots of some of the event. AND, no text. So we can make up what ever we want. Wooohooo!

Brite Work a plenty!

I want to have funny captions for these shots. But honestly I can’t. These are amazing shots of amazing boats. Lou! I need a shot of you in tights again!

Another jaw dropper.. no really, I bet at the bottom of Lake George there are hundreds of jaws! OK, maybe dentures…

Great ol’ name!

The Jug! I wonder if he has two of these?

Maybe more fiber would help?

Fish Tales III, he tells folks its a 40 footer!

For me? Really? You shouldn’t have, I will be up next week too pick it up.

Must have named it when he found it!

Where did all these cool boats come from? Jeez.. Oh wait.. Lake George!

There are those dang wicker chairs everyone wants..

Thanks Kent for making our Monday that much nicer.

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Would have loved to be up there with those great boats as it’s only a couple of hours away, unfortunately I was stuck on the Jersey Tpk bringing my daughter back to school. But I did try some Bells Oberon for the 1st time. Made me think of m-fine. Which is king of upsetting.

      • m-fine
        m-fine says:

        Other than being upset at thoughts of me sinking Arabians and denting trailer queens, how did you like the beer?

        • Rick
          Rick says:

          Beer was actually great. Nice and smooth. Saw it on the menu and I keep hearing about it on this blog so figured I’d try it. Good beer.

  2. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Great pictures from Kent. He was one of the first “Woodyboaters” by creating his “Cutwater” personal website way before others had one. And great to see him carry on the legacy of his families 24′ triple CC “Reflection”. It had a wonderful sounding Chrysler Royal straight 8 that sounded so sweet when I first saw him in it in Mt Dora and possibly also on the St John’s River cruise. It influenced me to find and buy a ’36 CC with a Royal 8 now owned by John Walton.

  3. J Carpenter
    J Carpenter says:

    I remember Kent’s “Cutwater” website too. It was always fun following the St. John’s cruise and anxiously waiting for more pictures. His photos are always great. I found this once when I was looking at another photo of his.

  4. Alex
    Alex says:

    Great photos is right! Especially that white-sided first one.

    Never seen a white-sided boat look white. Your pic gets that right on.

    I first noticed this with “Mr. White” at Tavares.

    They just seem to pick up so much color from the water, sky, passing fish, dangerous shallow shoals, any oily slick on the water, grandfather’s watch hidden for years up… I mean everything!

    Anyhow, thanks so much Kent. Famous lake, sharp boats, and truly great pics. Please continue to share what photos you take, with us.

  5. Kent Smith
    Kent Smith says:

    Thank you Floyd and J Carpenter for remembering Cutwater’s “Woodies on the Web”. That site went live in Dec 1996 and was dedicated to my father who passed that year – he taught me to love wooden boats. The site ran a little over 10 years…

    I’m glad everyone enjoyed the photos and I appreciate the compliments. For those that are curious, these shots were taken with a Canon 7D and a Canon 70-300L zoom.

    The prewar racer is actually a replica built by Tom Hilliker / Vintage Marine in 2000 and is Mercruiser powered.

    Happy Classic Boating!

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