Not To Be Out Laked-Iowa Chimes In!

A Dog, A Classic Boat, Sunrise.. or set.. Its perfect.

Just as were about to shut the hatch on this story. This in from fellow Woody Boater John Karlson..

The Midwest is sorely underrepresented on The Woodyboater. Here are some shots of wood boating on beautiful Lake Okoboji Iowa, my home lake. Hopefully there is something in here of interest.

This says it all.

Thanks again for all you’ve done to spread this crazy affliction.
Have fun @ Kissimmee!

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  1. Texx
    Texx says:

    Ol’ Fashion Nutty Bars & classic boats… Now were talkin…
    Great shots from Lake Okoboji, Thanks John.

    (Whats a Blue Bunny?)

  2. Rick Fangman
    Rick Fangman says:

    About time Iowa get’s a shout out! West Okoboji is one of the most beautiful blue water lakes in the world…
    Hey, WoodyBoater staff come to ‘Boji the last weekend of July and see some beautiful woodies – especially beauties by former Iowa Great Lakes wood boat builders Hafer Craft.

    Thanks for the posts John. I’m dreamin’ summer already and making waves with a nutty bar!

    • Blue Bunny, is an LeMars, Iowa based ice cream companyowned by the Wells family. The Blue Bunny name came from one of the founders son’s enjoyment of the blue bunnies he saw in department store windows at Easter time. Circa 1935.

  3. Maggy Dumas
    Maggy Dumas says:

    Hey Rick, I would love to have copies of some of your pictures of Lake Okoboji for the project you and I were talking about.

  4. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    We enjoy Blue Bunny here in St. Louis too. Best ice cream in the Midwest.

    Iowa does have some of the most beautiful lakes. Hey, some of the prettiest boat pilots too! Woody Boater, if you deliver weenies to Iowa I’ll be there to help roast them for you.

    • John K.
      John K. says:

      The Okoboji wood boat show is generally the last Saturday in July. That would be July 30th this year but the date is not yet “officially” confirmed according to the Okoboji tourism office.

  5. Alex
    Alex says:

    Midwest poorly represented? Ok ok, that’s a cue to round up some pics of boating around Hessel and send them in. What’s the protocol?

  6. Texx
    Texx says:

    Alex, Matt is flying down to Florida today to cover the Mecum Kissimmee Auction this weekend. If you have some photos you can send them to and we can get them published today.

    Yesterday we had a minor traffic jam in Woodyboaterville and the site’s server crashed due to high traffic issues, which is a good thing. Matt will explain in more detail later, but the problem is being rectified today so it won’t happen again.

  7. newly addicted
    newly addicted says:

    Hey Texx, like I told Matt in an email this morning “you’re gonna need a bigger boat” as in bigger woodyboater. Ain’t it great!

  8. Rick
    Rick says:

    Sure just 3 more feet would be the perfect boat, just 1000 more hits/day would be the perfect web site, just one more gray boat with 5 wheelbarrows of cash……..Never satisfied.LOL

  9. Texx
    Texx says:

    It IS great, thanks to all the dedicated Woody Boater viewers. It’s like squeezing 30 people in to a U-22… you can do it as long as they all don’t get in at the same time.

    After seeing him in action at the Warner Auction last year, Matt in Kissimmee armed with his iPhone & iPad at the auction will make things interesting on Saturday… Stay tuned.

  10. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    Wheelbarrows of cash. That is what I need to to buy that old Hutch at the auction. Please WoodyBoater

  11. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    I have heard from several people that Okoboji is a very well run show and lots of fun! On my list for this year! Blue Bunny is yummy ice cream too.

  12. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    Nice photos, John. You really capture the feel of the place. I know for a fact that you live in the Minneapolis area. It’s a rare thing for Minneapolis boaters to head south to a favorite lake when we have 10,000 right here (and almost that many to the east, in Wisconsin.) So Okoboji must be one special lake.

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