Oh! We Got Boathouses and Boats and Lots More From Gravenhurst!


Hello down there!

Well, by now you are knee deep in drool and hoping for a dumb ebay Saturday story. Sorry. There is even more form stunning Gravenhurst. Today we sharng some of Chris Bullen’s report and Bob “Have I got some wicker for ya” Weaver shot a wonderful collection of boat houses up there. AHHHHH! So lets start backwards, back to the early start of the show. Take it away Chris.

For Phil – we had 2 shepherds

We are getting all revved up for the 37th ACBS Toronto Boat Show Celebrating Canada’s 150th year. To Kick things off we need to go boating and Rich and Linda planed a couple of boating days prior to the show.

Tim in Dorthy

Wednesday July 5, we went up to the lake of bays about 50 min north east of the show site. What a great turn out 20 boats and 55 folks joined us on the run. An eclectic group from a metal tracker fishing boat, new and old fiberglass, a home built speedy tug, and some cool wood.

Grhams Boathouse

Lake of bays lives up to it’s name with many areas to duck in a have a look. We even found some beer to test in Baysville. A planed stop to Graham’s boat house was a must see up here, Graham had 3 Great boats, Heather Belle built in the late 1800’s was a steam ship but now runs silent with Elco electric power.

Heather Belle now electrical powered

Heather Belle’s boiler from the late 1800s

a distributor with too many wires

I miss the name of the second boat but the 3rd was an old Minett that’s was happy to celebrate her 100 th birthday. We had a great lunch a Port Cunnington they had put out more food then we all could eat. Some had a nap on the back seat in the afternoon.

Claasicboat editor and former ACBS to Pres Kathy Rhodes and Bryan in the recent purchase from the Clayton auction and Butson racer now named Impluse

Day 2 brought us back to the show site, from there we headed off north to Port Carling and through the locks. Meandering up the lake we had another boat house to visit. Jeff has a beautiful home with amazing gardens and a wonderful collection of boats. Jeff also had a boat turning 100 Hope II is from 1918 and lovely Ditchburn.

Happy Birthday Marie a 1917 Minett

First time in the newly restored peterbourgh keep on going the whole 130 mile trip they get the tough nut award

Out enjoying the day!

Next to her was a Hacker craft and then another Ditchburn called Silverking. She was once a raceboat and blew up on the Detroit river during a race.


silver king blew up on the Detroit river a remaing part

She looks much better today. We also saw a Minnet Hydro and watched her start up. With all the miles under us and so much to see time was running short, so off we went to lunch at the lake Joe club.

Gary Clark in a Riva with the current ACBS president John Howardand his wife Jan

Rich and Lindas new build a 22 gentlmans racer called Tumbling Dice

AND NOW! BOATHOUSES, BOATHOUSES AND MORE BOATHOUSES FROM BOB WEAVER! No captions, and honestly do we really need them, regardless I get to make them up! Wohoo!


This could be my house forever! Until Winter, Then.. Well..

Maybe this one

I would even love this one!


So this isnt a Lake after all, its a pool of drool! Yup!

This is just getting silly!

Good lord!

I am starting a new website called Woodyboathouser!

Wow again!

LOVE the Cupola!

We told you so! More boat houses!

Love the use of wood at the top!

Killer Window! Arched doors

Bigger arched doors

A HUGE thanks to Chris Bullen and the Toronto ACBS , YNOT Yachts and Bob Weaver for sharrng so much joy over the past three days!

That’s it from Gravenhurst! It aint a boat show until…..

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  1. Phil Little
    Phil Little says:

    My favorite is still a boathouse on Round Lake in Charlevoix, Michigan. Search “Charlevoix Boathouse” on YouTube. I wanna live there when I grow up!!

    • floyd r turbo
      floyd r turbo says:

      Are talking about John Winn’s boathouse (from Four Winns) boat family? I delivered a boat there, he had 10 or more boats stashed away with variable height dockage on a remote control the allowed him to adjust the height of the dock based on the depth of the boat for ease of debarking and embarking.

  2. Phillip Jones
    Phillip Jones says:

    Spotted the Shepherd in the first photo without needing a caption. Auuuuuuuuu I needed that.:):) There are so many rare and mind blowing boats on these tours that my head literally hurt at the end of the day, not to mention my pride, I guess they are the haves, and I am the have not’s :):) O well think I will go out to the boat shop and buff a few of those scratches out before we get on the road to big water 17 days !!!!!!!!!

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I can’t imagine the amount of bribes you would have to pay to all levels of politicians in NY to get approval to build one of those boat houses these days.

    I am surprised the Ontario government has not tried to tear them all down to “save” the shoreline.

  4. Randy
    Randy says:

    Are these boathouses built on pilings, or are they all on floats? Is there a problem with ice damage during the winters?
    These things are incredible, and really add to the beauty of the area!

    • jimmuh
      jimmuh says:

      Don’t even get me started on boathouses in WA!!
      In the San Juans your gov makes you REMOVE any boathouse, fuggeddaboudit building a new one…..

  5. Bob Weaver
    Bob Weaver says:

    Most of the boathouses are built on wooden cribs filled with rocks. Very interesting on how they do it.

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