OK, The Steve’s Are Clearly Having To Much Fun Today!

Steve Marini giving the thumbs up. What the hell, does everyone on a Riva look great. I so need one of these!

Yup, two Steves stories on one day. Looks like the Steves after they returned from the Hacker Craft trip, decided the day was not going to waste. See, you should spend all month at Lake Tahoe. Just hang out at the dock and some sort of fun is going to happen, even if its your own private boat show! Take it away Steve!

Oh lord!

So Steve Marini and I are at Chambers Landing with some friends nursing a few glasses of Chambers Punch (licking our wounds after the Hacker-Craft broke down)when I see this incredible, show quality 1969 Riva Aquarama pull in and tie up at the pier.

Pure perfection

Steve asks the owner how he likes his Riva, to which he replied “what’s not to like”. They landed up knowing each other, and soon the Riva owner and family were sitting with us and conversation ensued. More drinks were ordered as we talked and enjoyed the lovely weather and view of Lake Tahoe.

I started talking with his son, a very smart young man in his twenties who knows how to run the Riva and enjoys talking about it and our mutual love of traveling.  I could not take my eyes of the stunning Riva glistening in the sun tied up in front of us we talked.

Steve, the other Steve, not to be confused with The Other Steve.  Now with a Riva swagger hat!

Lets go!

“Who do I have to talk to about getting a ride on that Aquarama?” I asked the son. “That would be me” he answered, finish your drink and we can go now. I’m not drinking so I’m driving the boat.” I said forget the drink, I’m ready! Soon the Riva was full of giddy, excited middle-aged kids and we were off for a cruise on “Portofino”.


It never gets old

The photo says it all

Fantastic art on the water

It was all our first time on an Aquarama, and believe me, it drives as good as it looks. A great day we will never forget.    Thank you Jeff and Taylor for graciously allowing us on your beautiful boat.

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    Kenneth Kixmoeller says:

    To bad grammar’s in one bad headline! How about “OK, The Steves Are Clearly Having To0 Much Fun Today!”

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