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IMG_1819Thanks to Marty Feletto from Lake Tahoe who enjoys a good trip to Monaco now and then. And best yet, will share some of the fun. Thanks again Marty see you in September out at Lake Tahoe at the big International. Take it away Marty!


Late Live-ish from Monico

Every 2 years for the last 20 years the Automobile Club of Monaco has staged the Historic Gran Prix of Monaco for 3 days in mid May. This is set on the same street course winding through the streets and port of Monte Carlo as the Formula One Gran Prix two weeks later. Over 100 historic significant gran prix cars that either did, or could have, raced in past Formula One races there assembled from all over the world. The majority are driven by their owners, except for the last 2 classes of 60’s and 70’s formula one cars which have some paid professional drivers.

Old Race Boats:



This year the Riva family and Monaco Boat Service assembled a number of significant historic Riva race boats in the famous tunnel/ cave and threw a cocktail party to celebrate the release of Riccardo Sassoli’s new book on Riva historic racing boats.

IMG_1828Riccardo was there to give a presentation about the book, and about 10 historically significant race boats were on display.

IMG_1795 IMG_1797

One boat in particular stood out – Rafale V which is a 1935 unlimited race boat powered by an enormous 36 liter Aero Hispano Suiza V-12. The engine was rated at 850 horsepower and the boat is 33 feet long.



Close up of engine pipes. WOW


Data sheet

There were numerous other boats on display, all in the “cave”, surrounded by Riva Aquaramas above them in storage.


Old Race Cars:

IMG_1833 IMG_1834

Just outside of Monaco Boat Service and the “cave” was the paddock for the historic race cars. They occupied the entire area next to the port.


The cars range from the early 50’s to the mid 70’s and are split into 7 categories. They practice and qualify on Friday and Saturday, then race on Sunday. Each race last about 30 minutes.


Lastly – here is a picture for Reg!


Thanks again Marty for the report. Looks like a lifetime trip! Like the ACBS International in Tahoe in September! Click Here for info

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  1. Greg Wallace
    Greg Wallace says:

    Spectacular stuff indeed. The blue outboard hydro has an interesting motor. I believe it to be a Soriano double overhead cam opposed six. From the 1930’s. Very interesting lower unit options including “tractor” and “push/pull” combo. Maybe Marty can confirm.

  2. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    Heaven. I got to visit the cave three years ago when I was filming a commercial during the Monaco Historic Grand Prix. Amazing. (We actually were allowed to run a Porsche Cayenne camera car in the middle of some heats.) The line up of cars in the race pits was absolutely breathtaking. Virtually every famous grand prix car from the 1920’s through the 80’s, one after another. With many of them worth millions of dollars, it was amazing to think that their owners were willing to go out on the track and swap paint. But they were. I also had the chance to “hang” with one of the greatest race car drivers of all time, the great Jacky Ickx.

  3. Rob
    Rob says:

    The day before we went to Monaco we spotted this little beauty in the harbour at Nice, France. All those sail boats in the second picture are antiques, some dating back to the 1890’s and heading to Monaco. Up close they are all pristine.

  4. Marty Feletto
    Marty Feletto says:

    Greg – can’t confirm your motor call on the blue hydro but it sure seems correct. Lots of amazing boats and cars there!!

  5. Briant
    Briant says:

    Beautiful boats and cars. Stunning. What a sec. I did not see any 1990 or 1991 cars or boats in the pics. I guess these folks in Monaco have not adopted the same crazy rules that the ACBS did regarding the age of the shown boats and cars…..you know, to attract the younger crowds. I would bet there were many younger people in attendance, even though the stuff on parade was old, full of style, class and history. Perhaps Marty could confirm…..

  6. Marty Feletto
    Marty Feletto says:

    1973- 1976 Gran Prix cars are the newest – you know from the movie Rush!!

    This is really a stunning event and the addition of the Riva race boats and party in the “cave” put it over the top!

    • Briant
      Briant says:

      Hi Marty, were there younger folks there as well, or was almost everyone long term AARP card carriers?

  7. Marty Feletto
    Marty Feletto says:

    I think there were a lot of younger folks/ couples there – I mean maybe 30’s – 40’s – ones that perhaps did not ever see these cars race in person but are fans of them and appreciate the opportunity to see them all assembled in one place and actually compete on this famous track.

  8. Marty Feletto
    Marty Feletto says:

    Forgot to mention the AARP card carriers – those too – generally older guys that used to race something somewhere – you can tell because they all limp ….

  9. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    FANTASTIC story today! Thanks Marty. You know the thing that gets my heart racing is the inclusion of the cars. I’ve got to be super proud of that Yardley sponsored McLaren being a Kiwi and all.

    • Marty Feletto
      Marty Feletto says:

      Yea. Just fantastic stuff. I could have filled days of pics and stuff – you just gotta be there. Plus we had my friend Tom Prices Aquariva to boat around and he raced an early Jag !’! It’s just Disneyland in a really pretty place. I’m lucky to be close to the Riva family which just makes it like a homecoming. I recommend if anyone can get to the event 2 years from now. I’m lucky enough to have attended most of them but every year is just more tremendous than previous years.

  10. Mike U
    Mike U says:

    Wonderful story and pictures – thanks for sharing, Marty. If I recall correctly, did you own a CC racing runabout by the name of ‘Lipstick’ that was featured in a wooden boat calendar from a few years back?

  11. Wilson
    Wilson says:


    Meant to ask if you were going to get near Tuscany and see the new Austin Parker/Chris Craft 42′ Commander ??

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