On Our Last Day In Germany, We Find Felix!


It’s official, I am bloated like the fifty pounds of grilled Brats that I have ate in the past 6 days. All that can move are my little sausage fingers on the key board and of course I am searching for Woody goodness on ebay here in Germany.. And dang this time we actually have a winner… that winner, not wiener! Now of course I have no idea what this thing is, other than its cool and needs a cool vintage German banjo steering wheel..

And, I have to admit, I have no idea how this thing is propelled. Like not knowing how to open the gas tank on a new car, I am sure it all makes sense once you know.. But does it really matter? And of course I have no idea what the description is, but does it really matter? iI am sure it’s something like, wood is fine and it worked when it was backed into the pig barn. What is cool on this one is the sloping transomish thing.

Forget the transom for just one second. What in the heck is that statue doing? This may not be appropriate for the kinders! I mean it is a cool boat and all.. But..

Mmmm, looks like an outboard transom, maybe a BMW outboard would be cool. Ok, not sure there ever was such a thing. Maybe a Yonson? The loose transaltion says..(The boat was originally driven by having an inboard motor installed and unfortunately some time ago on a outboard engine rebuilt! But the reconstruction is relatively simple to create again!) Anyway, today’s Woody boat just shows there is cool everyplace, and no matter how much you think you know, there is some strange cool boat in a pig barn someplace in the world! You can see it here on German ebay!

Very cool lines. Maybe a different windshield?

Tell your friends Mr Porcshe designed it. Some clever re badging, a 356 banjo wheel? Speedster windshield.Clearly here it can handle curves.

GO to look at it, just so you have an excuse to visit this cool town! Dang!

We leveled out the water line and lowered the windshield. Drop a Porsche air cooled engine in the thing and you have a story for sure. And yes, there is such a thing.. HERE. Simple Porsche fonts and gauges. This guy did it on Bring a trailer!  See it here.

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  1. Texx
    Texx says:

    Matt – Felix is one of those wooden boats that kind of grows on you after looking at it for a while (a long while)… And it does have a Barrelback-ish transom… So you can tick that box.

    The Ebay description is Klassiker Sportboot Elektroboot – sadly the German translation for “Elektroboot” is of course Electric Boat. Might be a good weekend project for Elon Musk and his remarkable battery technology.

    May not be perfect for the St. Johns River Cruise unless you can find charging stations along the way.

  2. Steve Moreau
    Steve Moreau says:

    Texx your right had to think on this one for a while (fell back to sleep thinking so hard). And Cliff I got it and will explain what the statue is doing.

    Well at the Schweine, Bier, Boote, & Titten Bauernhof here’s how they roll. 1st the statue I though that some farm implement got to close and took off his weiner stinzel and he was in terrible pain. but then under higher magnification i discovered he was a she! So that makes it very clear that this is a pig farm and some un-respectiful sculptress didn’t giver her any covering and again it is a pig farm, so she is protecting her neither regions from unwanted rooting!
    2nd the boat has a lot of questions that needs to have answers but over all fair in the cool side. The wooden windshield, I like wooden windshield so it get a pass on that but when you look at then closely you can see that they fold forward hinging at the bottom and I seen no way to fasten them down I have no answer for this design flaw! That trailer took several moments to get my foggy brain around. I mean a detachable light bar mo rear support for the boat, I asked myself what are these people thinking, and that is when I fell back to sleep and got the answers. Well when i awoke and got the third cup of coffee and burned another luck strike all the pieces can together in my head. The removable light bar is to allow access to the rear motor compartment of the boat from under the hull. the mounting on the stern was not a outboard but for a lack of better terms a Z-drive which if one imagines an outboard with no power head you will be close. Now being this is a Bauernhof and there are may needs for a power source it would only make for good practice that this line of engineering would cross over the lighter side of things such as water sports. So when the days work was done and the Bruer was ready for some bier and titten he would remove the light bar back the boat over the Deutz diesel open the watertight door in the bottom of the hull hook up the wench and pull up the motor. after the motor was in place all that was left was to hook up the PTO shaft and away he went. Boy those Germans were some hell of engineers.

  3. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Very interesting boat. I do like the slope of the transom.

    What really surprises me is that Texx has already read the article and has not yet removed the statue picture, due to it being smut.

  4. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Texx is overly protective of young Canadian women, but he has a history with German women with hearts of stone and will let you de strats them all you wish.

    • Cobourg Kid
      Cobourg Kid says:

      I usually tune in to WB to get away from all of the nasty,violent and downright in humane stuff that pervades our world. But lately that same abhorrent attitude seems to have begun seeping through the plank seams at the good ship WB.

      Truth is that certain folk who frequent this blog (you two know who you are) think that it is totally acceptable to post comments and photos that demean women and / or attack people who call you out for your bad behaviour… Behaviour that is particularly egregious at a time of year when people and nations should be trying there darnedest to honour peace and good will amongst all.

      last time I checked this was supposed to be a blog about boats , not a place to demean others , cast aspersions on other nations (particularly your next door neighbour) or post highly misogenistic comments and photos that Larry Flint himself might blush at.

      Time to straighten up and fly right boys else you may find yourselves voted off the island of mahogany misfits .

  5. Steve Moreau
    Steve Moreau says:

    Well being here just since this past October I’ve seen a lot more lewd stuff than this and it’s only art! it bring to the senses a source of refinement. but I have been wondering how far it must go before someone pushes the big red button.

    Have a great day and remember it your offended its a personal condition one must get over!

  6. Sean
    Sean says:

    I really like the “general” lines of this boat… but that windscreen would have to go!

    What would be cool is if the stern section housed a power unit that dropped from the bottom (like a dippy) and was raised for trailer transport. You could install a 200+hp “jet ski” motor and drive, perform a little cockpit renovation magic (like Nautilus Restorations does) and have the ultimate schnellboot mit der geheim. (sleeper).

    As for the statue, I think you must take her in context with the other three statues that must be around the grounds. One each covering her eyes, ears and mouth…. some sort of convent?

  7. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    When I was in the Berlin area in 2010 there seemed to be speed limits on most all of the lakes in the area. An electric powered boat may be as practical there as any source if this is still true. We were putting along at idle speed when the Water Patrol warned us to slow down. The boat literally wouldn’t go any slower without shifting it into neutral. The tiny engine sounded like a lawn mower. At full throttle in may have gone 10 MPH, if that. It was still fun and the views were amazing.

    The subject boat today is interesting. The statue would look great on Matt’s front lawn.

  8. VW Ron -Seattle
    VW Ron -Seattle says:

    OK, the truth be known, I am also a VW guy, I worked with VW parts sales my whole career. Never knew they made a boat. But Reinell out here experimented with using a Porsche industrial motor mounted in the stern of their boats. I as remember the story, Boeing built the aircooled sheet metal to house and direct the cooling airflow out the transom and the single exhaust pipe in the middle of that largeish hole. They thought the lightweight of the motor and power would be enough. Wrong. Detuned, and with a single center-mounted carb (like VW) the motor did not have enough power and was located too close to the transom, it was too heavy in the back, and couldn’t get up enough speed for a good level ride. My friend has the motor in his Porsche collection, I’ll try to get a picture sometime. File under “strange but true”!

  9. Karl Donitz, German Navy, Ret.
    Karl Donitz, German Navy, Ret. says:

    Hey Amerikanissche!

    You cannot lower zee vindskreen, it vill be in zee front deck
    in zee middle. Look at zee head on picture.

    And vot iz zee deeeel vit zee azzymettrikal assen enden? I’m talking about zee chine on zee port verzez zee starboarden. On vun side it is — how you say in English — kompletelee ungafukkened.

    Zozz Chermans shud schtick to zee U-boaten. Zieg Heil!

  10. Steve Moreau
    Steve Moreau says:

    Ron a couple of years ago I ran into an story from Mercuriser marine. They were working with Volkswagen to supply them some diesel motors to put in front of there outdrives, haven’t heard much else. i think it was in a west marine magazine.

    Karl I think I get the jest of what you are saying. However my All Gore internet service is having troubles with the Google translations. I see on the starboard side some kind of fitting chrome don’t know what it is. but there are hinges on the bottom of the frames. They do look like the type that are just slipped together and maybe you are to remove the windshield completely for air movement.

    Anyway in the “you may like this” section an older post 2009-2010 a boat very close to the one of today’s story can up. they had a lil background and a old photo. it was a good short read.

    well in what ever language you can muster up ” Vive le bateau en bois”. See ya’ll in the morning.
    PS Matt you better hurry back we’re running a muck!

  11. Walt
    Walt says:

    Everyone keeps commenting on the esthetics of the windshield and I can’t get past the trailer. It seems to be severely lacking in support for the rear of the boat. I imagine that after sitting on this trailer for 10 years, the keal will have a severe rocker behind where that last keal roller is.

  12. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Wait until the driver hits the brakes in the tow vehicle. The bow stem looks to be 6″ from the rear lift gate and there’s no bow stop or hold down straps. If it doesn’t roll off the back on acceleration, it damn sure is going to be in your back seat at the next stop/

  13. John Baas
    John Baas says:

    I’m sorry. I’ve looked at this thing all day and the more I look the more I don’t like it. Plus it will fall off the trailer.

  14. Thorn
    Thorn says:

    Not sure what a gorgeous crack is but here is the translation by google.
    As for the statue; I can’t get excited about the statue especialy since you cannot see anything with great detail even after blowing it up. Unless you get aroused by moss there are many other statues around the world more selacious than this rock.

    For sale is this a classic with a gorgeous crack …
    The boat has been made of mahogany wood and see in the pictures is located to the rear verbastelte in good condition!
    Originally the boat was driven by an inboard and rebuilt unfortunately some time ago on a outboard! The demolition is rather simple to create again!
    By strongly sloping rear the boat has a terrific lines!
    It is 5,70m length and has a width of 1.80 m!
    The illustrated 650kg trailer belongs to the boat and in this TÜV shall be renewed upon request before transfer!
    Due to the shape, the boat is ideally suited as an electric boat!

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