One Last Gasp.. Lake Hopatcong!

Afternoon cruise on Lake Hopatcong.

Last weekend at the end of what was an interesting week. I made the call to some pals up in Lake Hopatcong.. I had a free day and had never been there.. 5 hours later I was cruising on the lake in fellow Woody Boaters John and Kim’s award winning U-22 “Mr White”.. I also visited Woody Boaters Bob Kays and Seth Katz, Seth owns and operates Katz’s Marina on Lake Hopatcong.. I was back home by mid day Sunday.. I see a lot of trips up there in the future.. I had no idea it was so close..  I took some fun photos of the lake.. enjoy.. I did.. Tomorrow.. A tour of Katz’s Marina..and the Bat Boat! WOW!

One of the many killer boathouses on the lake… This one was the coolest .

What an amazing lot.. On a point, no houses jammed up next to it. 

“Redwing”. One magnificent 25 Sportsman.. These darn things are taunting me.. Out on a normal day.. we were not alone in our classic boat splendor. This lake has tones of these cool old boats on it.  

Katz’s Marina from the water. Katz’s is a classic boat landmark on the lake. 
One more of many very nice homes on the lake. The lake shore is littered with unique homes, both old  and new..

And of course if you want to enjoy Lake Hopcong all year around, you can with this nice 2011 Calendar .. Just click here.. Tomorrow, we take a tour of Katz’s Marina.. You don’t want to miss this.. It’s worth the trip to your keyboard. 
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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    I had a similar awakening the first time I went to the lake for a show just a couple of years ago. Many of us not that far away are like- "Who knew?". The local chapter's club house is also phenomenal, especially when arriving by water.

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