One Week Since Lake Dora, And Sylvia Is Going Through Puberty.

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One week to the day, Lake Dora is just a wonderful memory. And as predicted and expected, bungs and seams are moving. As much as I knew though, it’s still painful to see. Countless folks have warned me. “Wait 3 months, you’ll want to die”. But that is when it all comes together with just some more varnish. The boat will have settled in. I have faith. But it’s painful to watch. Kinda like raising a teen, living through the painful time for things to settle in, having faith that you have done everything right. But watching it all go wrong… And then all coming together after some fine tuning. All I can say is thank god boats can’t talk. I am sure she would be slamming her hatch doors and telling me what an idiot I am…..Wait… Varnish! I can varnish my teen age kids. If it works for the boat, why not my kids.. This is perfect. Maybe this boat has just been a vehicle for a life lesson in raising my kids… I wonder what other treasures she has yet to teach me.. mmmm? I wonder what grade of sandpaper I need to use. Maybe if I varnish them while they are asleep….mmmm….