Pheeeeeew! That Was A Crazy Three Weeks!

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Don Ayers and Texx on location

Texx is home after logging in over 5,200 miles on his Woody Boatercycle and claims if it wasn’t for work, he would still be going at it.. I have been from West Coast, To Clayton, to New Jersey, then back to New Jersey, then NY and back.. Gained another 10 lbs and ya know what.. Ready to go and do some more. This group of folks makes it all fun, it feels like a loooong vacation when we all are at a show or just puttering around a lake or River. This Weekend had it fill of fun events to see, or participate in.. When we started Woody Boater everyone would laugh and say, is there enough content to fill each day? HA!!! We could do 5 stories a day on Weekends.. Come Feburary.. Well, thats another story, thanks god for eBay, and Phil in New Zealand!!! If you tuned out over the weekend toactualy enjoy your weekend.. here is a brief recap..

Phantasy II sold for $80,000

The Mecum Auction.. Turns out a boat sold based on a Text Message.. Not A Texx message by the way.. The De Wite sold by a text message to Scott after the boat did not sell.. That may be a first in the history in Classic Boat Auctions..  Truent II did not sell and stalled at $320,000.. There just were not enough bidders to get it going.. But all in all, the Monterey Auction was a success.. Marty’s big Chris Craft sold, as did several other cool boats.

There was another show in Glacier Lakes ACBS show in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, Fellow Woody Boater Jack Schneiberg reported in with a odd tale of two of the same rare boats at two separate shows.. Here is jacks copy..

“I get to the Woody Boater article on Cour’d’lene and the show there only to see Dick Werner’s very rare 1940 Century Sedan pictured. So; I look over my pictures and find Paul & Tim Mason’s 1939 Century Sedan 18-1/2 in my buddies’ camera. How unusual is that to have 2 of these rare birds appear at different ends of the country at boat shows? This is a 1939 That was restored with the counseling of Frank Miklos and is supposed to be pretty accurate. It was first shown this May at the Keels’n’Wheels Show in Texas. It took “Best Century” at our show yesterday”.Very cool Jack! Thanks..

And now some real moving pictures.. As seen in the image at the top of the story.. Don Ayers finally put together a cool video of the Tahoe Shoot and sent it out to us.. Very cool stuff and is a good way to see how a shoot comes together.


Texx enjoyed Idaho, and there was a Big Bear show.. Now.. here is what we need to do.. Spread it out!!! Not sure how to.. These shows are usually during peak boating times for there local area.. I know Clayton and Tahoe could not have been more perfect.. So.. maybe we just need to sit oround our computers and drool on the keys.. I will tell ya though.. Looking at a 440pixle of a boat is NOTHING compared to being at the show, and hanging around fresh perky varnish..

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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Well, sitting around our computers and drooling on the keys isn’t nearly as much fun as being there but sure beats the heck out of not getting to enjoy the shows and stories at all. It goes well with a good cup of java, just bring a tissue to wipe the drool. Hey, it helps keep the keyboard clean too. We should bottle this stuff.

  2. Dave
    Dave says:

    Matt & Texx
    There should be a Woodyboater Rehab Clinic. I know I could use a little rest. Two more shows in So Cal to come.
    Will keep you posted
    Keep up the wonderful work!

  3. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    That’s quite the trip, Texx. After doing our own show up here than Tahoe, I petered out and went home, missing the ID show in the process. There is so much going on in such a compressed time frame that it must be difficult to get it all in, no matter how many miles you ride/drive.

    We have the Dry Rot coming up, then Geneva. – still lots to do!

  4. Chris / Hagerty
    Chris / Hagerty says:

    Tell me, did you feel your heart in your throat when playing in the wakes with the sedans?????? I almost rolled a Lyman 29′ doing that…I like the shotgun of water coming out of the bilge port!!!!

    • Paul H.
      Paul H. says:

      Chris – I was completely at ease through the whole thing because I knew I was insured!

      In truth, it was a bit harrowing at times. The CC took quite a bit of water through the bow deck vents, but otherwise we were quite dry, all things considered. We had never been on a photo shoot before so were not sure what to expect. In truth, I think the wake from the Riva at these low speeds was a bit much at the close range which is desirable for the shoot. It would have been worse for a smaller, open boat – I know that much.

      • Brian Robinson
        Brian Robinson says:

        In Paul’s defense, the photo boat was a 32′ twin engine Riva that would make a good water skier think twice. It dug a big hole!

        • Mike M
          Mike M says:

          The Riva dug a big hole in the lake and undoubtedly a big hole in Marty’s wallet in fuel!! Thanks letting the WB gang use your boat. And thanks for running the little gas can back to Barnwood!

  5. ARRRGH!
    ARRRGH! says:

    What a great trip for you, Texx! And, you always get to do the cool stuff like going on the shoots, guest driving some cool boats and hanging with a lot of fun people. Don Ayers puts together another fabulicious video, and I am sure the still shots will blow us away in an upcoming article. Three resounding cheers for you all! See ya at Lake Geneva!

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      I have had the pleasure of working with Don Ayers on a few photo shoots now (Lake Dora & Lake Tahoe) and can say that I really enjoy the “Behind the Scenes” experience.

      Don’s dynamic style of photography is refreshing, he knows how to capture those unique images that reflect the boats personality and period design features.

      I am learning from Don & Matt that there is more than one way to photograph a classic wooden boat, and fortunately for us we have a growing viewership to share them with (and experiment with). So let us know what you think!

  6. Randy Rush Captain Grumpy
    Randy Rush Captain Grumpy says:

    Texx:5200 miles on a Harley? My ass hurts after 300 on my Triumph Tropy 1200. Boy I hope they let you do mileage deductions on your taxes in Canada! Otherwise send Matt a bill for mileage.

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Captain Grumpy – If not for some business commitments, I could do another 5K starting tomorrrow. The weather was perfect and the secondary roads throughout the west were awesome. Of the 5,200 miles traveled, less than 80 miles were on Interstate Highways, I think you can see the country better from the secondary highways…

      The old H-D just purrs down the road and never complains.

  7. ranger
    ranger says:

    great stories!

    absolutely loved the video…found myself clutching the chair rails a couple of times!

    one more item for the bucket list…have don ayers take pictures of our boat! woo-hoo!!!

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