Picton Castle Visits Woodyboaterville!


Picton Castle on the Great Wicomico River, in Virginia. AMAZING!

So, I am headed out of my little protected creek on Saturday and come around the corner, and BAM! I am in the 1920’s..again…

Its breath takeing to be so close to such beauty..

Every morning here in Reedville is like living in a time warp.. The homes are all from the late 1800’s to 1940’s, the boats the same, Steam launches, old and new deadrises, Skip jacks, Byboats, skiffs, the sons of varnish gang and our speed boats.. I even drive around in a 1958 truck with 3 on the tree…… And now THIS! And mind you, this is not a show here, this is real, people USE their boats for a living as well. Even the Picton Casstle is here on the Great Wicomico just hanging out. No event.. Just being there.. I LOVE IT!

It's even more stunning from a distance, you can sit there and imagine what it was like when these sorts of ships were common place. On Friday a bunch of folks went out to the bay to see 5 of these headed up the bay to Baltimore. Wow, that must have been an amazing site.

Turns out The Picton Castle is a  sailing school of sorts, from Nova Scotia. How cool is that? You can visit there website here Picton-castle.com read all her history.  What a fantastic fathers day gift. To just be out on the water with family and friends and old boats…and now ships..  We need to have cool ships at our shows.. I’ll have the gang up at Antique Boat Center whip up a trailer for me.. 20 axles aught to do it.. ya hear that Dennis.. Get out your welder! I wonder if Hagerty covers this?

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  1. chad
    chad says:

    My buddy owns convenience store and deli in Picton. His number one seller is the egg salad sandwich. I have no idea what this has to do with boating but I thought you all should that folks from Ontario LOVE egg salad.

  2. matt
    matt says:

    Dang, if I had known I would motored out some fresh Egg Salad, they looked like it was fun, they would sail a smaller launch into port for dinner..

  3. Cap'n Ken C
    Cap'n Ken C says:

    Like you, my 1st encounter (many years ago) with Picton Castle was a complete surprise. We had extended family (visiting from outeast) aboard my 40 yr old Sportfisherman and were simply putt-putt-cruising up the St Clair River near Algonac, MI (original home of Gar Wood & Chris Craft) when we made a bend in the river and there she was! What a treat! We motored alongside for a while, taking in every inch.. I have followed her exploits ever since then on-line and count myself lucky to have been aboard her 3 times.

  4. brian t
    brian t says:

    That would really be a great adventure. Four months gal-a-vanting about in the South Pacific aboard a real sailing ship.

    Sadly, I don’t have the $18,000 needed to sign aboard.

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