Pleasent Lake – Three Rivers Michigan

Sorry for the late start. Last night and today here in DC were to say the least a challenge. Power out, tree limbs falling all around, and grid lock that had folks in the cars for 5 hrs for a 15 mile commute. I came in this morning to get things going and took a look at the previous lake stories.. I do warm jokes this time of year because I hope it helps folks stuck in cold weather to at least remember the love of classic boats. But to be honest have never felt it… Until this morning. After digging out the house and the office. And the lady next door… and… When I saw the shots of Idaho, The finger lakes… The old shots of Lake Hopatcong.. I felt it.. I hope you have to.. We are off to Florida for the big auction Mecum tomorrow. We will be reporting LIVE from there. Although you can watch the Mecum auction on HD theater if you want. The boat on boat action starts on Saturday around 5.. Tune in and tune out from winter… We had one last lake story that has wonderful snap shots.. On Monday we will announce the big Favorite lake Story! The winning lake Or as we are calling it..The Weener lake gets a Woody Boater visit, some lame t shirts and a pack of weeners for the camp fire. So.. without further adoooo. Chads Story from Lake Pleasent Michigan.

Lily the boat, not the kid during the golden hour

I’ll try to represent those who boat, fish and “live” on the thousands of inland lakes the Midwest has to offer. In particular, I’d like to mention the lake where my boat now lives, Pleasant Lake, in my hometown of Three Rivers, Michigan.

Over 15 years ago, my life and career took me to the Chicagoland area, but my wife and I are lucky enough to own a small cottage on Pleasant Lake. When our busy work schedule allows, we escape to the lake. My wife says my mood improves with each mile we near the lake.

Lily.. The Kid, not the boat at the dock

While it may not have grand mountains in the backdrop, or miles of sandy shoreline, it represents to me “perfection”. Snapshots of life… kids swimming, catching fish, or the sun setting on glassy water, make for the perfect photo.

I’m like a kid when I’m at the lake or on the water… re-living every sight, sound and smell from my childhood.

For me, it’s all about sharing those same experiences with my friends and family.

Thanks, Chad

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    RiverRat says:

    Cracked windshield. broken Kubota and stranded Ramrod. At least the snow is off the driveway and I have nice boat pictures to look at. Thankyou

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