Prepping For Lake Dora.

Today is the big day, my last day in the office. Kaptain Krunch and I leave tonight for the Sunshine state and all it’s fresh varnish splendor. We have our inventory of Thirst extinguishers, T-shirts, and caps all ready for the 14 hr journey..I have all my sunscreen and hemorrhoid cream ready for the trip….One we are done at Mt. Dora we will be selling the stuff online. I have heard from many of you asking for shirts and stuff. To be honest I wanted to wait until it came in and I could make sure that its all cool stuff before I had your money. For example right now the fancy yacht caps are taking longer that promised because of a gold braider. The samples for other versions of the hats are in and beautiful, including a Chris Craft hat. The Chris Craft hats will also be sold through the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club – We will be taking orders on those as well, when I return. While there I will be taking orders in person. The online logistics are tough when I am on the road….. Thanks for being patient… So, it’s all Lake Dora from this point on. If you have any requests of boats you want to see, let us know.. We are happy to help. You ca email me at …

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    Anonymous says:

    WoodyBoater you are on the job. When you are ready to let the tshirts out I am ready. All the pictures of all the boats would be great, but if you can't fit them all save room for the Lymans. I will never make it to Florida. I do not have the iron will that Texx must be using to get there. Have a corn dog for me and a good time.

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