Racine Or Reedville?


Last years Reedville show.

Many of the citizens are headed to Racine Wisconsin for the big ACBS International Show this weekend.  One of the largest shows of the year, where all the big fancy boats come out, and the little ones as well. It’s really a week long last gasp for many and a great way to catch up with pals and get that last good sniff of varnish in. Unfortunately we here at WoodyBoater will miss it this year. Oh we will have reports, but because of a upcoming trip to Lake Como, yes.. we had to limit the trips. A drive to Racine can take as long as a flight to Italy. But this weekend we will be squeezing in the littlest show of the year in  Reedville VA

Located on the Chesapeake bay.

The History of Chesapeake bay fishing is alive in Reedville. Virginias Working Fishing Town.

Lets do this!


We will be in Reedville VA, with Stinky and WECATCHEM, Jimmy’s boats will be there and we are giving rides.

Everyone loves a ride, especially me!

The show is at the Reedville Fishermens Museum in Reedville. Reedville is on the Northern Neck of Virginia, and lives in a time zone that’s set around 75 years ago.

The Gables is a bed and breakfast in town.

It’s peaceful, and the way life used to be before we ruined it all. The show is small, and folks hang out and talk, laugh and catch up. WECATCHEM is in the water and we tour the area every now and then. It doesn’t take long but gives you an idea of life on the bay back in the day! So come on!

Rain or shine! John Rothert from Virginia will be there.

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    John probably won’t stay long before he goes boating.

    Have fun with the local show, you can always hit the International in Michigan next year where it will truly be international.

  2. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    …and if you lived a little farther South, like Florida you’d be glad you stayed home to get ready for something like Hurricane Irma which may or may not hit the East coast of the state, or the West coast depending on which string of spaghetti you like.

    • Frank at Falmouth
      Frank at Falmouth says:

      Thanks, Matt for the reminder. Ill take you up on a boat ride and may get my girlfriend to come along to the show as well to prove that wood boats can actually be put in the water and used! You gave “John from VA” and myself a boat ride last year and I still have the video on my phone to remind me why I have 4 Whirlwinds and 3 Chris*Crafts that sit in storage down at Fredericksburg VA. Maybe Ill be inspired to get them out on the water next season.

  3. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Oh yeah….I will be there! Great show and we are glad Matt has chosen to stay around home. His windshield time allotment is nearly full I would think.
    Come on out to Reedville folks….and like mfine says…I will GO BOATING ….and you can ride too….I am bringing a mid project whirlwind….brand new Tohatsu 15 inch shaft 4 stroke…so we WILL get back to the dock!
    John in Va.

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