Rain Puts A Damper On The Sunnyland Show!


Woody HQ selling out. We started with two tables full..

The forecast rain did not disapoint. Although it was a fantastic day, the rain caused a early endish to the show. We sold out of cups as of 930 AM, but they are now re ordered and on the store for sale. We also tried to do a mobile post which caused all sorts of issues, So here is some of those images. Stay tuned for tomorrow and later over the weekend for some action shots.


Royce Humphreys re poses for his classic header from a year ago!


More on this insane gold flake Carlson later.


The flea market has as usual fantastic stuff


The Hemi under the hood of “King Cobra” is amazing.. Insane boat, with an insane engine.. Feels normal here!


All this while Jim Fracette is at the palm Gardens enjoying the rain!

Sorry for the delay again.. Stay tuned for more tomorrow.

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  1. Kent
    Kent says:

    First you run out of cups. Then you out my newfound favorite secret spot – Palm Garden! Dag nabbit!

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