Ready? Set? Show! This Weekend!


Barrel Back #1 Ready to go!

Here at WoodyBoater HQ we are prepping to go to New Jersey for the big Lake Hopatcong Show,while up in Algonac, the gang there is working around the clock to make things perfect for show goers and guests, while on Lake Hopatcong, midnight hours are being burned setting up and preparing. The dance always starts on Friday when people arrive, but the hard work of dedicated volunteers, restorers and marinas is amazing.


Cleaning up! It’s like a hospital in there. The Katz’s Finishing room

Boat shows are in a strange way deadlines. Like having your future mother in law showing up for her first visit to your new home. With a deadline, stuff happens and that extra push is made to make it as perfect as it can be.

I swear those cleats are making the OK sign? HA. She is very happy!

Such is the case I am sure in Michigan, and New Jersey today. As it is all over North America. How can you help you ask? It’s easy and fun. Call a buddy, don’t even bother with your spouse. Call a buddy, and go to one of the shows. That’s it. Show up, have fun, drool, dream and feel the varnish come alive in your blood. We need this.


Maybe you have been bored with your boat? Maybe, you are in the market? Maybe lots of maybes. A show always brings surprises and inspirations. I have yet to go to a show and not leave with something exciting to think about, do, or buy. Thats what its all about.

The Hemi Coronado – Ready!

Folks from all around are getting ready!

And this weekend and for the next 10 or so weekends, you can enjoy a day of fun, with fun people at a fun place. If you wondering where the next big event is, there is a calendar of such things on the ACBS website. And show up, show off, and show your family you are still crazy and love to live the Woodyboater life!

Clean, tight  VanNess “W”

Dash done, Kocian Instruments killed it! Thanks

See you all on Lake Hopatcong this weekend. Our plan is to be there Friday and Saturday and heading home for the Boatress’s Birthday in Reedville.

Interior Done, ready for some sit’n and sip’n

Even the wicker sisters are ready!

Hanging around with the family!

Cousins,  Stinky and Dynamite hanging out waiting.

Thanks Bob Kays and Allen Mackin for the photos!

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Will be leaving for Algonac shortly with Tiger Lily in tow. Splash the boat and get her docked today and then all the pre show prep before the captains start arriving tomorrow. We will also be headed up to Port Huron for the reception with the International board of directors this evening. We are excited that they are having their quarterly meeting on our turf. We are going to show them a good time in Algonac this weekend! I hope a lot of WoodyBoaters can join us.

  2. Alan Frederick
    Alan Frederick says:

    Wow – Both your boats look amazing. I’m sure the Sportsman looks way better than the day it was first delivered. Hope all goes well in the weather department this weekend for all the boat shows around the country.

    One question that is still confusing for me about the trusty “W”. How does re-torquing the head bolts have anything whatsoever to do with oil consumption. I’ve asked a motorhead here locally about this and he said that you could suffer a water leak or loss of compression on a flat head, but never oil consumption. There’s even a video on YouTube showing a flathead V-8 running with one of it’s heads completely removed with no sign of oil anywhere. What’s with that? Please explain Dave! I’m all ears.

    • mike s
      mike s says:

      That’s correct Alan, there aren’t any oil passages between the block and head of the Hercules engines. If the engine is making lots of blue smoke, it’s probably piston rings or too light weight oil. Most run 4o wt oil. If it’s running clean, it’s likely a leak into the water side of the oil cooler and the oil is going overboard with the cooling water. Here it is directly from the Herc manual.

      • Matt
        Matt says:

        I just got a more detailed answer and what we think is why oil was being used.
        When the engine arived at Katzs the head was at about 30lbs in areas.
        The head was removed and there was a sign of a loose head gasket.
        Lots of water and rusty valves
        Head was removed, and a compression test was performed that measures the pistons and rings. All checked out fine. no need to replace that. These are hastings custom pistons, the best money can buy. The rings are also the highest quality.

        So the head was shaved and a new head gasket was put on, I also got a new Modern Torque wrench.

        Why Oil? The water in the cylinders effected polished the cylinders and thus the engine never broke in and actually allowed oil to blow by. By repairing everything, we are going to re break in the engine and see how that works. Everything checked out perfect, its a human error thing on me and my fathers tool. And to be honest, my fathers tool has been blamed for fare worse! HA. So that is the theory. It makes sense, and now the fun part. Running the boat and having fun. If there is a further problem. We just fix it.

        • Matt
          Matt says:

          Also, we never had blue smoke. It was more of a blow by thing. The water kept the cylenders too cool. Lots of white smoke near the end. I will add that there was never oil in the pan, or dipstick. And yes we used 40w Rotela oil. No cheap crap. Which did help a bit. I also understand that some oil use is normal, and head bolts are a issue with the W series, so i will have to be way more on that for a while. All part of the fun I suppose

          • m-fine
            m-fine says:

            “I will add that there was never oil in the pan, or dipstick.”

            It wouldn’t have lasted very long if that were true!

  3. Sean
    Sean says:

    Don’t worry if you’re not ready for this weekend… there’s still time to be ready for MUSKOKA!

  4. larry forget
    larry forget says:

    Take pics in New Jersey. 30 years ago we took a 47 Chris to that show with the white country club bldg & small TEXACO marina.. At that time I believe it was Wayne Moxfield shop. He had a Gar Wood hardtop Limo boat.. Back warehouse had hulls stored three high for future inventory..

    • Wilson
      Wilson says:

      And 30 or so years ago we went there to check out the pedigree of my first boat which was delivered there .Wayne ran the show and we had a great time.

  5. Bob Weaver
    Bob Weaver says:

    Boats look great especially those wicked wicker chairs. They really sey off that sportsman! Bob

      • Shep
        Shep says:

        But you need more leather around them to protect the interior varnish. Check out an old Ditchburn chairs and see how they added protection.

  6. MikeM
    MikeM says:

    The lad and I drove 11 hours yesterday to the Whitefish MT show. Absolutely gorgeous up here and worth every minute of drive time. Planning to launch Stella later this afternoon when the wind dies down. Will have a wonderful Montana microbrew while I wait. Pictures to follow.

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